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Top 7 London Hotels You Will Enjoy

London is one of the most visited cities in Europe. With so much history and activity in the city, it is quite an exciting place to explore. Fortunately, there are many hotels to choose from. You can choose a hotel in London according to your vacation budget. Of course, if you can afford 5 star accommodation, there are several to choose from as well.

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Landmark London

When you are in the north-west region of London, you should stay at the Landmark London hotel. This is the ideal hotel for people who demand the modern amenities. Surely you would enjoy its Victorian appeal. This London hotel also offers spa services to calm and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Dorset Square Hotel                                                                    

This London hotel was built way back in 1880. With its art deco design, you would be transported into the royal age. The atmosphere is completed with all the antiques around you. On the other hand, you also get an English country feel from the bathrooms with marble and mahogany elements.

Hilton Islington

As a part of the Hilton chain, the Hilton Islington offers all the modern facilities expected from a luxurious hotel. The air conditioning system and the Internet access are pretty standard. You can also do your work out daily while you are staying there. The health and fitness club would never disappoint you. You also have a choice between the standard, plain and deluxe suites.

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Four Seasons

East London is full of luxurious hotels. One luxury hotel you should consider is the Four Seasons. With the hotel located on Canary Wharf, you will get the best view of the River Thames. You would surely enjoy your suite when you stay there. Service is complete with a concierge available for the guests too. This 10 storey London hotel already gives you a great view before you enter as you enjoy the modern and picturesque styling. To get the best and the most comfortable stay, you can also choose the penthouse or the presidential suite.

The London Bridge Hotel

Down the southeast side of London is the London Bridge Hotel. Aside from the best amenities, you also get a great view of the River Thames from your luxurious hotel room. You would enjoy the most sumptuous and delicate European dishes at Georgetown and Simply Nico’s too. 

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel

To get a great view of the Royal parkland, you should pick the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. You would enjoy the restored great rooms and suites. You would also love the view overlooking Hyde Park while eating in some of the restaurants of this magnificent hotel. You would also get relaxed and rejuvenated at the hotel spa.

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Grange City Hotel

You should definitely consider the Grange City Hotel. If it’s luxury you are looking for and you demand 5-star treatment, it will surely deliver. But aside from the topnotch accommodations and amenities, you would even love your stay there more when you see the great view of the city and the River Thames it offers.

There are even more luxurious hotels in London. Your choice may depend on the area where you prefer to stay. You may also even have your own favorites already. But even if it is your first time in London you will never run out of choices.

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