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The Three Best Cities In The USA To Increase Your Mindfulness

We live in an age where we really do need to look after our mental health. In a world where the margins in finances, politics and equality are becoming larger and more divisive, the toll it takes on many of us is great.

What’s more, with the likes of addiction rife in many parts of the world, particularly alcohol and drug abuse currently, taking care of our mental health during recovery is so integral to our wellbeing. Rehab centres such as Linwood House are integrating more and more practices to increase mindfulness and mental wellbeing, from different types of therapy to the likes of yoga and meditation.

In the USA, many cities have become well known for mindfulness and meditative hotspots, and for whatever reason a person has fallen into paying more attention to their mental health, they are flocking to such cities either for a welcome city break, or a new place to live and way of life.

But where are the best cities in the USA to try and improve your mindfulness?

Portland, Oregon

Portland, in the state of Oregon, has long been a progressive city and people are flocking there in their droves for an exciting new way of life. The city has become well known for being politically liberal and very artistic, and often with that comes a lifestyle that includes the likes of meditation and yoga.

It’s a laid back city on the doorstep of so much natural beauty, and throughout the city you’ll find tons of great health food shops, vegan restaurants and all manner of other stores simply promoting healthy living.

San Francisco, California

California is the US home of yoga and meditation and in San Francisco you’ll find one of the largest and most diverse locations for it, with a number of internationally renowned yoga studios, like the San Francisco Zen Center.

The influence dates back to the days of the hippies arriving in San Francisco, and their way of life and more zen-like approach has certainly rubbed off on a large portion of the population who now take classes each and every week.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has been voted America’s favourite city a number of times, largely for it’s open green spaces, inviting nature and rich arts and cultural scene.

Meditation is a big part of life in Denver, and a number of neighbourhoods are awash with stores and studios that promote that healthy and mindful living. In fact, the city ranks among the most highest in terms of happiness and wellbeing according to studies, while neighbouring Boulder is home to the Yoga Journal. If it’s good enough for them…