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The Best Piano Bars in the World

The Best Piano Bars in the WorldThere is little more pleasant than settling down with a drink while listening to good music. For many years, people have gone to bars to enjoy the company of friends and relax. Piano bars have long been a favourite place to obtain some relief from the daily the stresses of everyday life. If you like to go to piano bars to wind down then you will want to know where to find the best. You probably... ❯❯❯

5 Great Destinations for a Family Holiday

5 Great Destinations for a Family HolidayPlanning a family holiday with small children is not always a simple task. Although an increasing number of hotels and resorts are catering to young children, it pays to do your research before setting off on a trip. A family friendly destination can be safer, more enjoyable for children and ultimately also more relaxing for parents. Read on to learn more about five great destinations around the... ❯❯❯

Eight Things to See and Do in Seoul

Eight Things to See and Do in SeoulSouth Korea’s capital has risen from the ashes of the Korean War to become a must visit city. It’s dappled with palaces from ancient dynasties and pioneered state-of-the-art architecture. Mount Bugaksan sits tranquilly in the distance of this bustling city, and is worth the climb for the adventurous. So grab your cheap flights to Seoul and visit this highly underrated city. It is bursting with... ❯❯❯

Three of the World’s Cleanest Cities

Three of the World’s Cleanest CitiesEveryone loves a clean, hygienic and comfortable home environment, and there’s no reason this should change when travelling and exploring new cities. The cleanest cities around the globe are a pleasure to visit, with higher air quality, lower pollution levels and smaller carbon footprints than those that don’t make the cleanest city list. Here is a look at three major cities that have earned a... ❯❯❯

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