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Six Places to Visit after Moving to Georgia

Georgia is known for its classic southern charm, as the area is full of historical plantations, relaxing beaches, gorgeous forests, and sweet peaches. For those who have recently moved to Georgia, there are a few must-see places you have to visit in the beautiful state to feel like a real southern Georgian.

Here are the top six places to see after moving to Georgia:

This 3,200 acre park is comprised of sprawling forests, hiking trails, golf courses, and other entertaining attractions, including the Skyride, the Riverboat, Sky Hike, and the Great Barn. Both adults and children alike will be entertained for hours while visiting this park. Additionally, Stone Mountain Park is home to the famous sculpture featuring Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis, the Confederate Civil War heroes.

The park is just 15 minutes outside of Atlanta, making it a great place for a day trip. However, with the amount of attractions the park has to offer, the trip could easily be spread across a weekend. Click here for ADT in Georgia to keep your brand new home protected while you explore your new state.

Located in Thomasville, Pebble Hill Plantation will take you back to the Antebellum Era. The grounds showcase the southern beauty perfectly. While visiting, you can stroll through the gardens, watch the horses roaming about the estate, and can even book a tour to see the inside of the home.

Georgia’s southern coast was once the retreat for America’s elite to hideaway. Jekyll Island was one of the main getaways, as it is comprised of sprawling mansions, charming streets, and quaint beaches. It truly is a getaway destination, as the entire area feels like something out of a storybook.

Amicalola Falls is recorded as the Southeastern United States’ tallest waterfall. As one of the prettiest sites in the southern region, it is a must-see attraction for anyone who is new to the area. You can view the water up close by hiking, or you can see it from the Maple Restaurant inside of the Amicalola Falls Lodge.

As one of the most renowned and respected leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, visiting Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthplace and childhood home is something that should not be missed. While you do have to book a tour in advance in order to see the inside of his home, it is well worth the wait.

As one of the most scenic areas in Savannah, Georgia, Monterey Square is full of historic sites, such as a statue of Casimir Pulaski, and stately homes, such as Mercer House. Plus, the area itself has plenty of quaint shops, museums, and world-class restaurants.

The best way to get to know Georgia is to see it through the eyes of history, and these six places are a great place to start.

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