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Take a Unique Safari in the The Bazaruto Archipelago

African safaris are one of the most exotic vacations anywhere in the world. Until recently, big game safaris were popular among the wealthiest, most powerful people on the planet; the modern safari, however, involves shooting cameras instead of guns. There are several different kinds of safari excursions; one of the most unusual takes tourists to the Bazaruto Archipelago, a series of islands off the coast of Mozambique. The entire archipelago has been a national park since 1971 and is wildly popular with surfers and fishing enthusiasts.

The Islands

The largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago is Bazaruto Island, also called Ilha do Bazaruto (or simply Bazaruto). It's very sandy, with swampy coastal areas and a humid tropical climate that has dramatically eroded its limestone foundation. The other islands in the Archipelago are Benguerra, Magaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina (or Paradise Island) and Shell Island.


Tourists who book a safari on the Bazaruto Archipelago enjoy its lush scenery, which teems with wildlife. The geography of these islands includes sand dunes, forests, grassy savannahs, lakes and swamps. Diving and snorkeling are among the most popular tourist activities; the waters are full of marlin, barracuda, dolphins and several types of whale. There are also many other colorful, unusual fish that are attracted by the warm currents found year-round.

Whales, Coral, Oysters and More!

Visitors who prefer to stay dry often take advantage of the many available whale watching boat tours. The extensive coral reefs are among the most pristine on Earth and can only be fully appreciated by diving. Oyster shoals are plentiful; they are harvested for the oysters themselves and for the pearls they often contain. Most of the 3,500 year-round residents make a living by fishing, harvesting shellfish or growing crops.

Fisherman's Paradise

A safari in the Bazaruto Archipelago is a fitting choice for anyone who enjoys fishing. There are many options available, including deep sea fishing and saltwater fly fishing. Chartered fishing trips are available; many can be booked on a last-minute basis, but it's prudent to make these arrangements in advance because they are so popular. Travel agents and tour companies maintain lists of reputable charter boat captains and can usually arrange such a trip while planning the rest of the safari.

Scuba Excursions

A Bazaruto Archipelago safari offers many opportunities for scuba diving. Vacationers who already hold a scuba license will need to rent equipment if they haven't packed their own; those who don't yet have scuba certification may often obtain a provisional license by completing a short, intensive training session with one of the instructors leading the scuba expedition. Like chartered fishing trips, scuba dives should be scheduled as far in advance as possible, particularly for those who will also require provisional certification.

Memories Forever

The beaches in the Bazaruto Archipelago are clean, gorgeous and arrayed in sparkling white sand. Visitors love to lay in the sun and splash in the warm tidal waters; shell collectors may also find colorful, exotic new specimens for their collection. All of the activities offered on a Bazaruto Archipelago safari will help vacationers create beautiful, lifelong memories - not to mention stunning photographs of the ocean, beaches and lush grasslands. Don't forget to pack your extra camera batteries!


Jenny writes for Sense Africa

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