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Love Traveling but Hate Jet Lag?

Love Travelling but Hate Jet Lag?
Many world travelers are excited at the beginning of their trips but find themselves exhausted once they are at their destinations. This is because the human body is embedded with a biological clock – we can’t just adjust to a new time zone naturally. Therefore, after a long flight, you are likely to be met by a terrible experience - jet lag. Here are some great tips to avoid jet lag or reduce the impact of jet lag after a long flight!

1. Listen to the Stewardess

They know when is the time for passengers to take a nap, even though the sun might be shining outside of the window. Do not hesitate! Lower the shades and try to calm yourself down. Take the nap when it’s suggested. Sleeping enough on the plane will make your first day so much easier!

2. Eat Well 

Many travelers give up their regular routines when they are on the road. However, that is not wise. Fighting off jet lag and other exhaustions require a lot of energy. Protein, water and vitamins are all important to stay healthy and strong. Furthermore, jet lag is not the only obstacle to enjoying the trip. A weak immune system can often cause drowsiness. To stave this off, eat well and be sure to take in the same nutrients you usually do. Most international airlines provide full meals with packaged snacks. Wines, juices, coffees and different beverages are served every couple of hours, so take advantage of these!

3. Keep Up With Locals

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, try your best to maintain your composure during the daytime. Do as the locals do. When I fly from America to China, I have to endure a flight as long as 13 hours straight from Detroit to Shanghai. I hate not being able to sleep by the time I get off the plane, but if it is only 6pm when I arrive in Shanghai, I will stay up for another four hours and force myself to adjust. The very next day, I am able to resume normal daily activities, such as shopping, dining out, whatever! 

4. Forget About It 

Don’t make excuses. Sometimes, it is not jet lag, but the climate, temperature differences, environmental surroundings, etc. All of these can contribute to drowsiness after a long flight. In order to avoid being brought down, don’t think about it! Instead, focus on the positive. Tell yourself that “I am going to have no jet lag” or “I can and I will stay up at normal day time.” If you are determined to be jet-lag free, your body will follow your strong will. It works for me (most of the time). 

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