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6 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Holiday Villa

A vacation is an important part of your life as it provides the needed quality time to bond with family friends or a loved one as you rest your body and mind. It is a time for rejuvenation.  The best kind of vacation comes in the form of spending quality time in a holiday villa. You get to have a house or a luxurious apartment all to yourself in an exotic location to relax in.  Getting the right villa is important to the quality of your vacation so pay attention to the following pointers when searching for one. Do not fail to ask the following questions and you will be good to go!

  1. 1.       Where is the villa located?

When asking about location, you want to know everything. Ask for the town, the nearest city and the nature of the location. Is it near the beach, a town or a forest? How near is it to the environment in question? A villa may be advertised as close to the beach only for you to get there and realize you cannot even see the beach from any window in the house.

Ask if you can see the sunset from your window and if you can walk to the beach. Such small details make your trip worth the while. Remember location is also important to determining the noise levels you will be experiencing.

  1. 2.       How far away is the market?

A villa means it is an exotic home away from home. You may cater for yourself and the proximity to the gas station or the supermarket and even the hospital is very important. A house located far away from these essential amenities will make you feel stranded when you cannot get the items you want. If you are the kind that prefers such a removed location, ensure you have a way of getting all the things you need and want in good time. Fully stock the villa before you lock yourself in for a wondrous time.

  1. 3.       What kind of villa is it?

At the mention of the word villa, you think it is an exotic looking mansion. Whereas this is true, it is not the rule. In relation to holidays and vacations, it just means a getaway. Ask about the kind of room you will live in. You may find yourself in a two-roomed apartment when you expect a mansion.

A good company will have every kind of accommodation for you according to your specification from the cozy studio, cottage or the luxurious mansion. Specify the number of people in your trip, if you have any children, the gender variations, if you have the elderly with you and other specifications to get the right villa suited for your needs.

  1. 4.       How do I move around?

Even though the main idea is to have a house to yourself, you will also want to move around and see the area. How you move around is important. Getting a nice villa on an island but no means out of the island can pose to be a problem.

Ensure you ask the agency or company you are dealing with if they provide car hire services. Some of them will give you car services as part of the package whereas others charge separately. If you do not want to get your transport with the agency, conduct extensive research to find out how you can easily get transport on your own.

  1. 5.       What do you provide in the villa?

Find out what packages come with the villa such as a welcome gift basket, sheets, towels, toiletries and a heater. Do not assume they will provide and spend more than your budget when you have to buy them. Assuming they will not provide as well means you will get there to find you have extra luggage. Ask beforehand to prepare well.

  1. 6.       What is in the contract document?

As with anything else, always read the fine print carefully. Your sweet vacation may turn out sour because of a fine for not returning the key or for breaking a glass. Check on their policies for cancellation charges, damages and insurance. You may need to contact your insurance agent in some cases to cover you, just in case. Read their expectations to avoid the little blunders that can easily ruin a whole month of great fun.

With the above questions answered to your satisfaction, enjoy a fun filled, luxurious and relaxing vacation at your villa!

Chris is the author of this blog who is also a traveler and loves to write on topics related to travelling. He provides tips on things you should consider and are important while you travel. 

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