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Three of the World’s Cleanest Cities

Everyone loves a clean, hygienic and comfortable home environment, and there’s no reason this should change when travelling and exploring new cities. The cleanest cities around the globe are a pleasure to visit, with higher air quality, lower pollution levels and smaller carbon footprints than those that don’t make the cleanest city list. Here is a look at three major cities that have earned a place among the top 10 cleanest in the world; whether you’re a neat-freak, a conservationist or just a curious tourist, these international destinations are well worth learning more about! 


The Swedish city of Stockholm has an innovative waste removal system that has earned it a spot among the world’s cleanest cities. This system involves refuse being sucked out of the city’s homes into an underground network of waste disposal pipes. Another service that helps to retain Stockholm’s status as one of the world’s cleanest cities is the graffiti hotline, which guarantees graffiti removal within 24 hours of a reported incident.

The city’s most notable claim to fame when it comes to cleanliness is the fact that it was the first city to be officially named a Green City by the EU. When visiting Stockholm, environmentalists and explorers alike are also pleased to find that the city has some of the cleanest air found anywhere in the world’s urban areas. This is largely thanks to the city’s Clean Vehicles programme, which means many public transport vehicles use hydrogen fuel cells, keeping the city environment significantly cleaner.


The Irish capital has received numerous awards for its efforts in becoming one of the cleanest cities in the world. Dublin employs a city-wide team of Anti-Litter wardens, committed to preventing littering in the city and fining any offenders. The city’s residents also use social media to report litter for removal by the council. Dublin also boasts a chewing gum litter task force, and this might sound trivial but it’s another reason why the city’s streets are among the cleanest in the world. 


It’s no small task keeping such a densely populated city clean, but Singapore remains one of the world’s cleanest urban areas. City officials strictly forbid littering, public spitting and graffiti. If litterbugs are caught, the law requires that they spend some time picking up litter and rubbish, all the while wearing a vest printed with an announcement that they were caught littering.Singapore’s commitment to being one of the world’s cleanest cities is not just about image; it’s also about preventing pollution and preserving the environment, and the city has a “Clean and Green” environmental programme to keep it sustainable as well as clean. 

It takes effort and innovation to earn the status as one of the cleanest cities around the globe, and those listed above also make beautiful tourist destinations.

Nicky Warner is an enthusiastic blogger with a broad range of interests; whether you want to know about the best ways to keep your home clean with a steam mop, or which travel destinations will offer you clean and comfortable surroundings when you have to leave your cyclonic vacuum cleaner back home, Nicky’s got a list of top tips and top contenders!

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