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Hot Spots of Italy

When you are visiting Italy you have several areas to choose from and there is in many ways too much there for you to do. This is a country with fantastic cuisine, a great climate, lovely people and some of the most spectacular history and architecture anywhere in the world.

So how do you decide where you want to visit? And what does each area have to offer? Here we will look at some of the top hot spots of Italy so you can choose one for your own Italian adventure.


Of course Rome being the capital is considered by many to be the jewel of Italy. Rome is like any other European city at first with lots of shopping, eating, drinking and hotels to cater for you. There’s a handy Metro service running through the whole city, so if you want to get anywhere that will be easy (though a little crowded).

What truly sets Rome apart though is of course its stunning architecture and the vast number of different sites and landmarks. Only here can you stumble upon the Trevi fountain and then only moments later the Pantheon. Of course the big places to visit are St Peter’s Square and the Coliseum, though there’s plenty more to visit besides. A tip: Visit St Peter’s Square and the Vatican museum at night – you can get night tours of the museum, and the square looks beautiful lit up gold in the evening (and is surprisingly quiet at this time).


Venice needs to be seen by anyone travelling to Italy and is one of the most exciting and unique places on Earth. Here you will get to marvel at the incredible water systems, ride in boats and admire the stunning architecture. Here there are no roads, only canals, and there is something magical about enjoying a cup of coffee and some food while people slowly row past you. Of course it’s also much quieter as a result, and the whole city has been built in a unique way. There’s a lot of culture here too whether you like art or opera (as there is across all of Italy to be fair) so it’s ideal for culture vultures. This is also the place to buy your Venician masks (though you can get them all around Rome) which are highly attractive, make fantastic souvenirs and a brilliant as gifts for other people.


The main site in Pisa of course the leaning tower, but don’t be fooled into thinking that that’s all this wonderful area has to offer. This is also generally another great tourist spot with lots of great places to eat and shop and a more architecture to enjoy besides.

The Alps

When you think of Italy you think of the tourist spots and in particular the historical areas such as the aforementioned Rome and Pisa. However Italy also offers a great climate and lots of great varied scenery. One of the most amazing days out is to visit the alps and to go for a trek up to the top.

Mathew is a writer and an excellent craftsman from Italy who likes to sell his hand made masks making it an unique souvenir of your journey.

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