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Do We Need Home Comforts on Holiday?

As teenagers, we loved to go camping with our friends; it’s like an extension of building dens in our back garden or in a nearby park as kids that was our own domain away from the restrictions of parental supervision. Swinging from trees, lighting fires, getting filthy and just causing good-natured mischief pretty much described all of our camping experiences.

Creatures require Comfort

As an adult I’m not too keen on camping. I have had too many camping experiences where they have been pretty disastrous, usually due to unpredictable weather. There was once, on the first day of spring, me and a friend of mine made an impromptu decision to go to Shell Island for the weekend after work. So we did! But we spent the whole weekend freezing…It was really windy, we couldn’t even keep the barbecue lit for long enough to cook anything. So we went to bed where we supped brandy to get us intoxicated enough to at least fall asleep so the rattling canvas walls weren’t keeping us awake! I must admit, these days I prefer to have parameters for mandatory luxury i.e. plumbing, space and retreat from the harsh elements!

When I recently went to the Algarve, I did entertain the idea of camping on a site near some cliffs, I knew the weather was going to be great, but I decided to go to the opposite extreme in comfort instead. A country club is ideal and offers all of the basic comforts plus lots more.

The Four Seasons country club at Quinta de logo boasts sports activities, pretty gardens and luxurious living quarters. I was particularly sold on the idea of attaining a free bottle of wine for booking the holiday prior to April (I didn’t know what to do with the complimentary fruit basket. Not eat the contents of it, surely!)

Wait there…activities?

  • Windsurfing: On a lake. Not as daunting as windsurfing on the sea. I had some tuition with windsurfing but, me being the weakling I am, I couldn’t actually lift the sail up whilst simultaneously balancing on the board! Oh well…
  • Horse-riding: Any chance to interact with animals is pretty wonderful. The horse I rode was called…I can’t remember but he was a picture of majestic elegance!
  • Tennis: If you can take the heat, tennis is a great way to pass time! Watching your opponent dash around the perimeter for the ball, great stuff!
  • Golf: The Algarve is frequently listed as the ‘number 1’ golf destination in the world due to its lush golf courses and variety of courses available to suit different experience levels. Although, due to my lack of ability to play golf…I can’t thwack a ball without sending huge excavated huge clumps of earth flying into the air with the ball! I’m better within the confines of crazy golf, I think…

Fully-Fitted, Fully-Kitted

And if you like your creature comforts, then there is no way you’ll have to ‘rough it’ in the country club. There are fully-fitted kitchens, microwave, dishwasher, DVD players, Flat-screen televisions…and even a trouser-press! It beats looking around for your scrunched-up pj’s in the cold and dark with only the light from your mobile-phone for illumination!

With the lovely surroundings of the nearby pine forest, abundance in marine life and a couple of nature trails, it feels like you get the best of both worlds!

If you fancy getting away from it all, taking part in some activities and residing in a top of the range country club, check into Four Seasons Country Club which will cater for all of your leisurely requirements!

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