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Stuff To Do In Las Vegas That’s Not Gambling

Play Video Games

It’s like video poker, but only costs a few quarters and you can’t win any money from it. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it actually is. There’s a bar in downtown Vegas called “Insert Coins” with all kinds of awesome old-school arcade games, new ones with plasma screens you can play while sitting at the bar, and booths where you can set up your own console and order bottle service if you’re a big shot like that. Also, there’s a nice size dance floor for any of you b-boys and b-girls out there.

Leave Las Vegas

Many activities in Las Vegas require you to leave Las Vegas; like seeing the Hoover Dam or riding on dune buggies. You can even sign up for a Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tour, which isn’t even in Nevada, but that shouldn’t stop you from going white water rafting, fishing, or camping at the Grand Canyon.

Go Skiing

Skiing in the desert? That's right. Mt. Charleston is only 30 minutes north of Las Vegas and you can ski or snowboard all day and be back on the strip for dinner. I bet you never thought that you could come to Vegas and go skiing, huh? Well, that's why I'm here. And if you think that's crazy, try this on for size...

Become a Fighter Pilot

You can live out all your Top Gun related fantasies while in Las Vegas. There’s this place called Sky Ace Combat where after a twenty-minute presentation from actual fighter pilots, you get in a specially made two-seater plane, take control of the plane, and you dogfight your friend. Smoke even billows out from the other plane when you “hit” them. After the dog fighting is over the pros will teach you as many tricks as your stomach can handle. I did this. It’s unreal. I also puked. Thankfully I held it together through most of the tricks, but one barrel roll too many and the breakfast I didn’t eat ended up in a doggy bag. A great experience, but I’ll never do it again.

Go To The Aquarium

Don’t go to the aquarium. It’s super lame. You will be upset when you leave. It takes maybe 10 minutes to get through and it's not like you pet dolphins or anything. It's really not worth the money. Do not go to the aquarium.

Forget It, Just Gamble

Who are we kidding? Gambling is the best. You always win. Why do you think the casinos are so small and poorly built?

Have fun in Las Vegas and (try to) be responsible.

Kevin O’Connor is an content writer for He writes about everything Las Vegas including the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours. Follow him on the Twitter @MrKevinOConnor.

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