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Hotel Pest Problems - Protect Your Family and When Traveling

The prevalence of bed bug infestation sweeps the nation as hundreds of business and residential establishments fight their way to get rid of these nasty pests. From homes to hotels as well as hospitals and office spaces, not one is immune to these stubborn crawlers. In fact, even the most upscale hotels and stores in New York were closed down due to these bothersome guests.

Bed bugs are cunning creatures that can hitchhike from one place to the next with ease and stealth. As they are drawn to human blood, they thrive on areas where they can prey on their unsuspecting victims. This is precisely why they prefer to stay hidden in mattresses, chairs and sofas to wait for the perfect time to strike leaving you with nothing but small red marks on your skin the following day.

The problem of bed bug infestation is something that you need to take seriously especially if you are a constant traveler. Whether sitting on a plane or lounging in the most extravagant hotel room, you can never keep your guard down when it comes to these wily pests.  Just the mere fact that you are sharing the same bed and seat with hundreds of strangers who went on before you is enough reason to take extra precautions in order to prevent going home with more than just pleasant memories.

1. Research

Before deciding on a hotel or villa, make sure to first pay a visit to the online bed bug registry to make sure that your chosen holiday destination is pest free. You can also go to a number of online forums and read reviews to check for any complaints from previous customers.

2. Proper Packing

Your suit cases are easy targets for these quick crawlers as they can easily wriggle their way through the tiniest of openings. To block them off, make sure to pack all your items in re-sealable and tightly sealed plastic bags. Also do the same with your luggage itself as even the cleanest of airplane cabins may not be completely free of bed bugs.

Once in the hotel, never place your bags and suit cases immediately on the bed or cabinet to avoid any contact with these bed-dwellers.

Even after checking your bed, drawers and cabinets from inch to inch, it is still best to keep all of your clothes and toiletries in sealed zip locks before storing them in the cabinet.

3. Inspection

Given their speed, size and wit, catching them in broad daylight is close to impossible. While your hotel room may look pristine, it is not always a guarantee that it is pest-free.

To be doubly sure, always make it a point to do a thorough inspection of your entire room before getting comfortable in it. Start by checking for any visual evidence such as fecal and blood droppings on the sheets, blankets and pillows. Next, strip off the entire bed and check the mattresses especially its corners and crevices for any sign of these nomadic insects. Do the same with the rest of the room until you are completely satisfied that you won’t be sharing your space with these little bloodsuckers anytime soon.

Carla writes for, where she discusses bed bug mattress covers and other prevention methods.

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