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The 5 Most Romantic Cities for Couples to Visit

If you are looking to escape the everyday routine for a romantic and memorable trip, look no further than these 5 romantic spots. When deciding upon a romantic location for you and your love, you want to find a location that will offer unique dining, spectacular views, plenty of activities and shops, as well as a comfortable vibe. Here are 5 of the most romantic cities for couples to visit.

  1. No list for romantic cities would be complete without mention of Paris, France. Paris is the quintessential and timeless location for lovebirds to visit for vacations and honeymoons alike. Paris offers amazing views of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, Notre Dame cathedral, and much more. There is plenty of fine dining, shopping, and sightseeing to enjoy during the entire trip. In addition, hearing the French romance language float through the air adds to the experience, which is like no other.
  2. For a quaint experience, consider traveling to Savannah, Georgia. Enjoy a romantic experience the southern way. Relax and slow down your every day pace. Here you can enjoy unique opportunities such as riding in a horse-drawn carriage, looking out along the Charles River, observing the beautiful architecture of the Victorian era and so much more. Savannah offers a variety of activities as well as great shopping including small bookstores and antique shops. In addition, Savannah is located near many great restaurants and outdoor areas like Tybee Island Beach. Experience southern hospitality here at its finest.
  3. Santa Fe New Mexico offers lovers a fantastic location to soak up the sun. Enjoy the desert-like weather while also surrounding yourself with the culture. Take in the Spanish, Native American, Anglo, and Mexican influences. Try some spicier dishes that define the food pallet of New Mexico. While visiting this city you can even visit adobe buildings that are as old as the 1600′s! If history is something you enjoy, you will love visiting various, ancient ruins present in New Mexico. This is a location unlike any other. You will be able to visit many of the area’s museums. There are also many golf ranges and spas in this location for you and your partner’s enjoyment.
  4. Nothing says romantic like a good bottle of wine. Napa, California, known as “wine country”, is a great destination spot for lovers who enjoy spirits. Napa offers a great, upscale experience with amazing, fine dining. It is close to a variety of activities to keep you busy and on your toes. Take a tour of a local vineyard and sip on different types of wine at wine tastings. You can also take advantage of a lively and exciting downtown scene, which offers live music, beautiful scenery, art galleries, bars, nightclubs, spas and more. Napa also has great locations for hiking if you love the great outdoors. The options are endless, ensuring a fun filled and romantic experience.
  5. For less hustle and bustle, consider visiting a romantic city like Scottsdale, Arizona. On the outskirts of Phoenix, Scottsdale offers a low-key vibe, perfect for couples looking to get away and relax while still having various activities on hand to enjoy. Experience an amazing nightlife scene full of fun, music and dancing. This is especially a great location to visit if you appreciate the arts as you will find many art galleries as well as sights to inspire the artist inside of you. Scottsdale is also known for spa treatments, which can be a wonderful way to kick back and relax with your love. For the more adventurous, try a Jeep ride in the desert terrain, biking, horseback riding, or hiking! There is something here for everyone.

There are a wide variety of cities in the U.S. and abroad that can offer lovers a romantic experience with plenty of entertaining activities to take part in. There are many other romantic locations such as Carmel by the sea hotels, however these 5 truly represent some of the most unique locations that will offer special opportunities to make memories and soak in the romance.

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