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5 Hot Trends in Green Travel

Did you know that carbon emissions from airplane travel have increased by almost 90% over the past 20 years? This dramatic increase is not only indicative of the environmental impact that humans have when they travel, but also of the impact that our various modes of transportation have – especially when there are significantly greener options available. Many companies, including some of the leading airlines, are experimenting with alternative fuels, but we still have a long way to go. Whether or not you are familiar with the concept of green travel, you may be one of the many individuals who are beginning to make a concerted effort before traveling to reduce their carbon footprint. Here are 5 hot trends in green travel.

  1. Biofuel. Many commercial airlines are experimenting with some radical new fuels to power their planes. These fuels include ingredients like coconut oil, babassu oil, and jatropha, which is derived from a flowering plant that is native to many countries across the world. The great thing about these alternative fuels is that they can be farmed and don’t risk depleting another natural resource. As long as there are seeds there will be fuel. Not only that, but it can significantly cut down carbon emissions and damage to the atmosphere and environment.
  2. Train travel. Traveling by train has been picking up steam lately – not literally, because trains aren’t powered by coal anymore – but they have been becoming more popular between both the eco-set and avid travelers. Train travel, which was once a sad alterative to plane travel, has become the predominate method for many travelers to reach their destinations; more and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of rail travel. Not only that, but train travel can be a romantic way to see parts of the world you would never get to see with a fossil fuel burning vehicle.
  3. Bicycle. Contrary to popular belief you can actually get incredibly far with a bicycle. In fact, you can even take a bicycle on a fun, cross-country trip if you really wanted to. Environmental data resources say that if more people took bicycles before they went on a trip, some of the global warming issues that are plaguing our world today wouldn’t be so devastating. This is why more and more cities are offering unique bike share programs.
  4. Camping. Hotels are fun, luxurious and can be romantic, but all those lights, endlessly running washing machines, and air conditioners are wreaking havoc on the environment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the solution to global warming, it is recommended to pitch a tent instead of booking a room. There are plenty of amazing campsites around the world – sometimes you can even get a better view.
  5. Energy efficient hotels. Speaking of hotels, not all are contributing to the problem. Some hotels are making strong efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, like not putting so many towels in each room, installing automatic lights and air conditioning systems that run on sensors, and switching to solar power. If you must stay in a hotel, try looking for one that labels itself as “green” and then do the necessary research.

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