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Car Rental in Majorca on Holiday

The Spanish Balearic Islands is a popular holiday destination for many European holidaymakers, with over 10 million people choosing this small group of islands for their holiday in 2011. The majority of these tourists go to the larger island of Majorca, which has been famous with visitors for a long time. There are some cheap holidays to Majorca, and there is everything that you could want here.

  • Nightlife
  • Great beaches
  • Amusement parks/water parks
  • Lots of History
  • Plenty of sporting activities
  • Lots of choice for accommodation
  • Lots of great food

You may be looking for somewhere remote, which is quiet and peaceful; or you may wish to stay somewhere a little more lively. The choice is yours. If you do go on holiday to this fantastic island, then you may wish to consider hiring a car during your visit. This gives you an exceptional amount of freedom to do as you want. You can travel at your own leisure and not have to worry about going on organised excursions.

Finding a Car Hire Company

If you do a quick search of the internet, you will be able to find plenty of companies that can offer you a rental car during your stay in Majorca. You can even pick it up directly at the airport, so there is no need to go to Palma and or to one of the other towns to pick up your vehicle. There are a lot of car hire firms to choose from, and the prices are all pretty much similar. The area that you need to pay attention to is the fine print of the contract. This is where some rental companies differ greatly:

  • The amount of coverage you get,
  • Any additional premium, and
  • Any excess for payment.

Different companies have different levels of coverage. So, choose the best company that gives you the best overall coverage. For just a couple of pounds a day, it may be worth it.

Choosing a Car

You need to be practical when choosing a rental car, especially if your family is with you. Practicality is what you'll need to make sure you get holidays to Majorca cheap. There is no point in spending more than you have to, so you should choose a car which is adequate for your needs. If there are only 3 people, then there is no need to hire a people carrier! Also, keep in mind that the smaller the car, the more economical it is. This means you will spend less money on petrol, getting around the island, and exploring everything that is on offer. A medium-sized family car could cost you about £30.00 or so a day and smaller cars can be rented for less than £20.00 per day. If you are on a two-week holiday, the savings made on hiring a smaller car will soon add up.

Exploring the Island

When you have picked up your rental car, dropped your luggage off, and checked into the hotel, it is then time to get out and see what is on offer. If you are not used to driving abroad, then make sure you are careful as they do not drive on the left hand side of the road in Spain. Take it easy if it is your first time and pull over if you feel unsure. Once you get used to driving on the right hand side of the road, you can then explore the island and its sights, as much as you want. This means it really does not matter where you stay as you have the freedom to go where ever you want quite easily. You can go to a new beach every day, a different town for every meal and go to all of the water parks that are in Majorca. A great way to keep the family happy! Remember that if you are going to have a drink, there are also plenty of taxis available, so you are better off to leave the car at home. When it is time to head back to the airport, you do not have to worry about how you are going to get there, drive the car to the airport and drop it off with the rental company. It is as easy as that! Renting a car on holiday is a great way to explore a place and get off the beaten path a bit.

Ariana Louis considers herself close to her family, especially her brothers. Though she has been almost all over the world backpacking, she has swapped her backpack for her family and yet still likes to explore new places and write about them also in the articles and blogs. Majorca being one of her memorable family trips, she intends to fly back again. She uses Travel Republic, among other sites, to get good value for her money.

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