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Holiday Packing List - 10 Things Not to Leave Home Without

Getting ready to leave for a holiday can be exciting and stressful at the same time.  As you look forward to your getaway, one stressful element can be packing and making certain that nothing of importance is left behind, including important documentation, reservations, and other travel documents, as well as the essentials like clothing and cosmetics.  Here are ten things that you should never leave for a holiday without.

10 Things to Remember to Take on Holiday

Travel documentation: Make sure you have your wallet, containing your ID and money and any credit cards you will need, as well as any important paperwork regarding reservations you made at your destination.  Of course, you will also need to remember your tickets if you are not driving to your destination, and you will need your passport or ID card if travelling internationally.

First-aid kit: Depending upon your destination, you may need to include everything from bandages to insect repellent to good old parocetamols, but having a good first-aid kit on hand is always a good idea, no matter where you are going, in case you need something right away, like a pain killer or stomach medication.

Cell Phone and Charger: You will want to have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency, so make sure that if you are travelling far to get roaming abilities.  And remember to bring your charger with you, as a dead cell phone will not serve any purpose.

Camera: You will most certainly want to document your experiences on your trip, so do not leave behind your camera and/or video camera.

Warm clothing: Of course you want to pack appropriate clothing for your destination, but you may want to pack a pair of long pants and a lightweight jacket even if you are going someplace warm because you may get cold travelling to and from the destination or you may encounter cooler nights even on an island.

Toiletries: From deodorant and soap to toothpaste and your toothbrush, try to only bring the essentials.  If you can get away with less makeup or with fewer bottles of cologne, do so.  Most large hotels provide small bottles of things like shampoo and conditioner, so you may be able to leave those at home.

Insurance documentation: From health insurance to traveller insurance, make sure you bring all the documentation to prove you are covered in the event of an emergency.  

Portable music player: If you love to listen to music while travelling to your destination or even to unwind while away, you will not want to forget your portable mp3 player.

Prescriptions, glasses, contacts, etc.: Remember to bring your glasses, contact lenses, and prescription medications with you, or you will be very sorry you left them at home.

Sunscreen and sunglasses: Whether you are travelling to the ski slopes or to a tropical island, you will want to shield your skin and your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, so remember to pack some protection.  

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