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5 Great Destinations for a Family Holiday

Planning a family holiday with small children is not always a simple task. Although an increasing number of hotels and resorts are catering to young children, it pays to do your research before setting off on a trip. A family friendly destination can be safer, more enjoyable for children and ultimately also more relaxing for parents. Read on to learn more about five great destinations around the world that are perfect for a family holiday. Orlando

This is often the first destination that comes to mind when people think of the ideal family holiday. Thanks to the warm Florida climate, the abundance of beaches found nearby and the numerous amusement parks in the city, Orlando is a top pick for families. Be sure to visit the Walt Disney World Resort as well as Universal Studios and SeaWorld.  Finnish Lapland

When it comes to finding the ultimate winter holiday destination, Finnish Lapland may just be perfect for small children and adults alike. Located in the Arctic Circle, the entire area is devoted to all things Santa and Christmas. View real reindeer, ride on sleds through the snow and enjoy the Christmas spirit in full swing while in Lapland. Cairns, Australia

If your children are a little older and you want to enjoy an outdoor holiday filled with exciting recreation, then head down under to Australia. While a road trip across the outback is a great way to explore the country, Cairns is a great place to start or end your trip. The city is home to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkeling or scuba diving, hike through the nearby rainforest or even take part in some thrilling adventure sports like hang gliding, white water rafting and skydiving.

South Africa

This spectacular country is a unique destination and a wonderful place for families to explore together. Head to the Kruger National Park in order to take part in a safari. Children will love seeing large animals like lions, leopards and elephants up close. If children are younger than the recommended safari age of ten, then head instead to the lodges outside of the park that come equipped with child-friendly petting zoos full of baby animals. 

Hong Kong

Although the bustle of a large Asian city like Hong Kong might seem like too much for a young child, in reality it can be very peaceful and calm depending on where you stay. The quiet island of Lantau in Hong Kong has no private vehicles and a resort atmosphere. It is very safe for children and parents will appreciate the convenience of staying just minutes from the beach. A thirty minute ferry ride will bring you straight to the hustle and bustle of Central District, Hong Kong if desired.

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