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Top 5 Things to Pack for a Key West Vacation

When you are heading to a tropical destination, like Key West, you have to be prepared. Key West has a number of amazing sites and sounds that your whole family will enjoy. You could visit one of the many Key West museums or you can strap on some snorkel gear and explore some of the world’s most rare and wonderful reefs that are literally teeming with underwater wildlife. Besides the hundreds of restaurants and fine dining establishments, you can also visit 20th century literary giant Ernest Hemingway’s home, or you can see what the famed Duvall Street has to offer with all its amazing nightlife. Here are 5 things to pack for a Key West vacation.

  1. Comfortable clothing. Key West has a tropical, humid climate that can make wearing heavier fabrics slightly unbearable. Shorts are definitely a must, but you ought to make sure they are made out of thin, lightweight cotton. For the ladies, a light sundress would also do the trick. And for the gentlemen, a Hawaiian shirt would do just fine. When it comes to shoes, if you are doing lots of walking, tennis shoes are appropriate, and if you are just spending time on the beach, you should stick to sandals.
  2. Sun block. The sun beats down on Key West like no other place on earth. If you don’t want to look like a lobster at the end of a long beach day, you have to bring some sun block. It doesn’t matter if you got that base tan before you went on vacation, you better have some high SPF sunblock, because you can get a serious sunburn that will definitely make the rest of your stay unenjoyable.
  3. Bathing suits. When it comes to packing a bathing suit, you might want to bring something that is durable and can withstand a good couple of hours in the heavy surf. Your light boxer briefs probably won’t do. Not only will you be spending time in the hot tub or the hotel pool, you might also be doing some snorkeling, so it might be wise to bring a few different bathing suits so that you can have a few drying out on the patio. It definitely isn’t fun to put on a wet bathing suit.
  4. Light jacket or sweater. You might not need it, but if you are on the beach at night, those cool sea breezes can get a little chilly. If you want to maximize your time on the beach at night or you want to take a nighttime stroll, you might want to pack a windbreaker or a light wool sweater. Just something that will be warm enough, but will not make you too hot.
  5. A fanny-pack. In Key West you might be spending many hours exploring tourist sites and traveling, so having a fanny pack that can keep all your important documents, credit cards, tickets and cash is really important. The last thing you want to have to deal with is losing something important.

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