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Vital Things to Consider when Booking a Bali Hotel

Bali is acknowledged as a world-renowned tourism destination. This is why the Indonesian government makes sure that the exotic island is able to offer abundant choices of accommodation in the form of five-star and budget hotels, inns, guesthouses, cottages, villas, and even small homes. With sufficient accommodation infrastructure in place, Bali tourism officials assure visitors and tourists from all over the world that they will never have to worry about not being able to book an accommodation that can meet their needs.

The most common types of accommodation are Balinese beach hotels and villas. Vacationers decide to consider Bali as their choice of destination getaway because of its beautiful, white-sand beaches. Hence, hotels and inns at the beachfront are known to be always filled with guests who are eager to stay at the beach, play beach ball, Frisbee, and other water-based activities, and simply enjoy the Balinese sun.

However, when booking a Bali accommodation, it is a must that you consider a number of important issues. As it is, your decision of choosing a certain hotel can either make your vacation fulfilling or a frustration. Your choice must be based on your desire to obtain the best possible hotel. You should not only spend time getting affordable flight tickets, but in being picky as well when it comes to opting for the appropriate hotel.

The following are tips to ensure that you land the best Bali accommodation for you and your family:

1. Especially if you are traveling to Bali with your kids, it is vital that your accommodation is family-friendly. Before booking a hotel on the beach, ask first if it offers child-friendly amenities such as low toilet seats. Make sure that it also offers activity areas where children can stay to while time away. Likewise, you must see to it that the hotel has kids’ swimming pool complete with security implements and features to ensure the safety of your children.

2. If you are someone who loves to spend a good amount of time on your hotel, it is a good idea to get a room that boasts of its own private balcony. This makes sure that you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Bali landscape.

Also, you must opt for a hotel with a good number of restaurant choices, and other vital amenities such as laundry service and Internet connection. The presence of these services allows you to stay practically a significant amount of time inside the hotel.

3. Are you particular about the quality of the surroundings? If so, then it is desirable if you can obtain a property layout of your hotel to see if it is in a good location within the area. It is best if you can visit the place beforehand so that you can inspect its surroundings.

Personal visits are in a way more reliable than hotel brochures and online sites since the latter do not reveal vital information such as the hotel being situated in a noisy location. If it is not possible to make a personal visit, call hotel representatives for such vital information, or check online comparison websites that feature reviews of the hotel.

4. The location of your hotel is also important as far as proximity to major Bali sites and attractions is concerned. It will save you a good amount of time as well as money on transportation if your accommodation is situated near most main tourist spots. It is ideal to choose a hotel that’s within walking distance to important places such as restaurants, shops and malls, and tourist sites. It will save you a great deal on taxi fare.

These are vital points to consider for you to enjoy your vacation in Bali to the fullest. Whether you are with your family going on a holiday or having a business and pleasure trip, see to it that you take all important factors into consideration especially when it comes to the Bali hotel that you will check in. You may visit major travel websites and browse for list of Bali hotels available that will suit all your needs.

If possible, ask the advice of relatives and friends who have had the chance to tour Bali. They are sure to provide helpful and unbiased tips on how to make the most of your stay in the island.

A freelance writer and a regular contributor to various travel agency websites. He is a wide traveler, having been to many parts of the world, particularly in Asia. He maintains his own Bali blog, wherein he posts interesting articles of his exploits every time he visits the island.

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