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European Holidays for Toddlers and Teenagers Alike

European Holidays for Toddlers and Teenagers Alike

Stealing some time abroad for a few weeks a year offers us a wonderful opportunity to spend some time as a family. It gives the opportunity to get everyone together in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. For families with kids of different ages however, planning can be a little difficult. 

If you've got teenagers, Walt Disney World Resort might not be the right fit, while toddlers are unlikely to appreciate a bustling metropolis like New York. Here, we'll take a look at a couple of destinations which are great for all the family – toddlers and teens included.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a great option for families because it is a city which has so much to offer. There are a number of spectacular beaches just a short journey from the city centre, perfect for letting the little ones blow off some steam. Contrast this with the busy and exciting city itself, changing from street to street.

Just like any great American city, San Fran also has its fair share of sports teams, which offer a great family-friendly day out. If you're travelling during the warmer months, baseball is an enjoyable and affordable choice for all the family. If you're keen to plan a longer trip, consider travelling south to check out more of sunny California.


Turkey is one of Europe's up and coming holiday destinations, which is giving the old favourites of Spain and Portugal a run for their money. The attraction to Turkey is not at all that hard to see – not only does the country boast a wonderfully warm climate and some of the world's best beaches, but it is rich in both culture and history.

If you're looking to put your feet up and let the kids wear themselves out on the beach and in the sea, what better way to take care of it all than to consider all inclusive holidays to Turkey? The all-inclusive aspect goes a long way to removing any stress that comes with planning, and lets the young ones be a little more independent without causing you any worry.

If you somehow manage to tire of lazy afternoons by the sea, you can take the trip to Istanbul – one of the world's most fascinating cities. The city joins the continents of Europe and Asia, allowing visitors to witness a rare blend of two unique cultures.

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