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Enjoy summers in San Francisco

San Francisco has the best weather when compared to the weather in Los Angeles and New York. Sunny days can hit the city anytime during the year. During the day, summers are usually foggy. It would be great if you carry a warm, hooded jacket while you plan to visit San Francisco out in the fog. Shorts also seem to be a good idea but it can get chilly by the time the sun sets. Sometimes even winters are so warm that you wish you had carried your shorts.

The best thing about San Francisco’s weather is that it is temperate and predictable most of the times. Summer is the best time to check out to some of San Francisco’s best beaches. You could also try a few of these popular sights to enjoy the sunny days.

Hit the Beach

As mentioned earlier, San Francisco is known for its beaches.  Enjoy sunbathing there during the summers. Or, if you’d like to see more than the beaches, then you could explore the Lands End on the west coastline. It’s like a paradise on Earth.

Enjoy at the Golden Gate Park

This three mile long play space is larger than the Central Park in New York City. When it’s sunny, you will love the time that you spend here with the unlimited activities it has to offer.

Visit the Top of Coit Tower

The Top of Coit Tower lets you enjoy a stunning view of the city of San Francisco as well as the bay area, on a clear day. You could also visit the nearby garden stairwalks with bees, flowers, and butterflies around for added fun. You could also come across a few green parrots.

The Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is considered to be the most romantic place in San Francisco. It is a replica of the ancient Greek temple and is surrounded by green park lands and a beautiful lake.

Bike along the waterfront

Rent a bicycle on Fisherman’s Wharf and ride along the waterfront for close-up views of the bay. On a bright and sunny day, go cross the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy a fantastic scenic view. You could also take a ferry back to the wharf area; it would be recreational as you are definitely going to love the ride back to the town.

Check out the Bay Lights:

In the evening, you could witness the glittering light sculpture on the Bay Bridge that looks hypnotic post the sunset. It could easily be termed as the best show in the town.

When you plan for a visit, make sure you check the weather averages in San Francisco; it would give you a fair idea on how it would be like. Chances are that the weather will slightly be different when you visit, than what you actually expected. But, do not worry, that won’t spoil your mood or your vacation. However, it is preferable to check the weather forecast or the local weather radar before you leave home.

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