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The Pros and Cons of Planning Your Own Honeymoon

Your wedding day is practically guaranteed to be one of the happiest, most emotional and exciting days of your life. After months and months of planning, having that first glass of champagne at the reception is truly a celebration. But with all of the money being spent, all of the organization that goes into it and all of that attention shooting firmly in your direction, it can also be awfully stressful. It’s tough for everyone involved, but brides in particular tend to have at least one or two major panic attacks prior to the big day. It’ll all be just fine, but this is why the honeymoon is so incredibly important. It is the first trip you and your new partner will have together, but at its most basic it is also a much-needed vacation. You want it to be perfect, which may mean you want to plan it down to every detail, just as you do your wedding. On the other side, that makes it yet another thing to stress about. Here are some of the pros and cons of planning your own honeymoon.

The largest positive is that you’ll know what’s coming, and have time to get truly excited about it. If you pass it off to a friend or family member to plan, you might end up stressing out over whether they are going to forget some of the details. Planning it yourself will insure that everything is handled properly, so you can rest easy knowing when you do leave for the honeymoon all of the planning is done. But what about before you leave? If you have something of a Type A personality, having yet another major event to plan could be the last straw that puts you over the top and into a panic. Giving it to a person you trust to organize and book will take that big thing off your plate, helping you get everything else done.

Planning the honeymoon yourself also insures it will be exactly the sort of trip you and your beloved are hoping for. You know your tastes more than anyone else, no matter how close that friend or family member who offers to do it for you may be. By planning it yourself you can craft the honeymoon into an adventure, a trip through architectural history, or nothing but rest and relaxation on some beautiful beach somewhere. You’ll also have the chance to plan in a surprise or two for your partner, which can make the experience even more special. On the other hand, you can never guarantee the honeymoon will be ‘perfect’. You can plan it out to your heart’s content, but still almost anything can go wrong. Perhaps the weather ends up being terrible. Maybe that bed and breakfast you fell in love with doesn’t live up to the advertising. If you give it to someone else to plan, you won’t be as devastated if something goes wrong, and you definitely won’t beat yourself up for making a bad decision.

Finally, by planning the honeymoon yourself you can keep things private. The amount of friends, family and work associates who will be asking about your plans and your business in and around your wedding is seriously overwhelming. If you’re a quiet person this can be a lot to cope with. Sometimes it’s better to keep your honeymoon a secret, which you won’t be able to do if someone else does the planning for you. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit St Lucia, but you don’t want your nosy new in-laws bugging the two of you the entire time? Keep your plans under wraps, and you’ll have two weeks of blissful escape with your partner.

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