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The World's Weirdest and Most Bizarre Hotels - Have You Ever Been To The Sewage Pipe Hotel?

Hotels come in many shapes and sizes from the homely to the luxury, but where do you go when you want to experience something just a little different? Be careful though when you say you want something different, just how weird are you prepared to go because if you can pay for it there is more than enough weird to go around, places that you never dreamed of sleeping and may probably never want to try again

FIJI Islands, Undersea Resorts

Though it may look like something out of a science fiction movie these luxury glass pods are submerged 40 feet beneath the surface of the ocean. The majority of the walls and ceilings in the accommodation are made of glass, with one fabulous piece of accommodation only being accessible by the hotel submarine. If ever there was a place where you could go and play secret agents this is it. When someone says you’re going to be sleeping with the fishes, it could be this place that they are talking about. At around $15,000 for each person per week it’s probably going to be a one off holiday destination.

The Green Magic Tree House

These incredible tree houses are located in the Kerala Rainforest in India. They are supported between the trees a full 86 feet above the ground. They contain a minimal amount of wooden furniture, enough to be comfortable but there is no electricity, in fact there are practically no trappings of modern life anywhere, except perhaps for what you go there with. Here you are communing with nature; you have the rainforest and the birdsong to entertain you. These tree houses offer a real escape, a world away from anything that you are used to.

The Sewage Pipe Hotel

Yes that’s right, you’re going to be sleeping inside a sewage pipe, but don’t worry it’s clean. This strange accommodation ‘complex’ is located in Austria only a short distance away from the beautiful Danube River. Segments of pipe are dotted around the park for you to sleep in, each one containing a bed (of course) and a lamp, but they do offer some fabulous views of the park. But unfortunately there is no bathroom for you to use, you can either really get back to nature, or hike to the nearby gas station and use their facilities. This could be the next step up in hippy friendly accommodation

Alcatraz Hotel

As you would expect the Alcatraz hotel runs along a prison theme. The building that houses the Alcatraz Hotel was indeed once a prison, and is located in Kaiserlautern in Germany. Despite being a respectable hotel offering all the comforts and facilities that you would expect, the windows are barred, and you will even find a commode within your sell, if you’re really lucky. The hotel has tried to replicate as many of the original prison features as it can to ensure that you have a memorable stay, but don’t worry you can still get let out for good behaviour.

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