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Things To Do In Melbourne On A Rainy Day

While Melbourne is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities in Australia, it’s also known for having unpredictable weather, which frequently leads to an entire day of rain. If you’re planning your next holiday to this vibrant city, be sure to add these things to do in Melbourne to your rainy day itinerary.

Go Shopping

The most popular attraction to tourists, both nationally and internationally, would have to be the world class shopping districts in Melbourne. While Bridge Road does offer some great discounted shopping, I’d recommend saving this adventure for a sunny day. The city streets of Melbourne, however, do have a great deal of cover, along with various indoor malls, providing the perfect shopping district for a rainy day in town.

Melbourne Aquarium

One of the best Aquariums in Australia, the Melbourne Aquarium has earned the reputation of being one of the most loved tourist attractions in the country. Once you’ve visited all of the great shopping districts in the city, try spending an afternoon at the Melbourne Aquarium – the perfect way to finish your day. The aquarium regularly changes its exhibitions, with guests currently able to meet the biggest fish on Australia’s reef. Forget Nemo, come and experience a day with these friendly giants instead! Shark dives and fish feeding are available for guests to participate in an unforgettable experience during their time at the Melbourne Aquarium.

Draculas Cabaret Restaurant

Celebrating their 30the year in 2012, the team at Draculas Cabaret Restaurant, located in Northern Melbourne, are known for giving the performance of a lifetime! Immerse yourself in captivating cabaret performances and Berlin Burlesque, as you are transported away from the rainy weather of the city and into a time of gothic humour and unbeatable musical performances. With theatres only found in Melbourne and Brisbane, take this opportunity to make the most of your Melbourne holiday, with an unforgettable trip to Draculas!

National Sports Museum

If there’s two things Aussies are known for, it’s their love of sport and a good stiff drink. The National Sports Museum in Melbourne has captured all of the greatest sporting moments in Australia history, creating a collection of our proudest moments. Located in the infamous grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) visitors to the museum may also choose to take a tour of the astonishing stadium, where so many sporting triumphs have been reached. The National Sports Museum hosts a number of permanent and changeable exhibitions, with some of the greatest attractions including the Faster, Higher, Strong Olympics exhibition, the Backyard to Baggy Green cricket display and the Spirit of Sport Australia Hall of Frame. Whether you’ve decided to spend a day at the Melbourne Aquarium or are looking to have a captivating evening at the spooky Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant, you’re sure to have an amazing time during your Melbourne holidays – even if it is raining!

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