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The Best Yoga Poses Before, During, and After Traveling

A person who travels a lot already knows that sitting still for a long period of time generally leads to unpleasant numbness and tingling in legs and arms, back pain, and headaches. If you suffer from any of these whilst travelling, it is important to know that you can get rid of them quite easily. The only thing that you have to do is learn a few Yoga poses and tips that can help you to get back on track after traveling long distances. 

Top Yoga Poses for Traveling

If you have to travel a long distance by car, plane, or train, it is crucial to know what to do before, during, and after completing this difficult task. If you properly prepare yourself for a long trip, you can actually have a wonderful travel experience. Here are a few few simple things you can do in order to make sure that you enjoy such an experience. 

  • Things That You Must Do Before Leaving: It is very important to prepare yourself for the trip. In order to do this you should use some relaxing poses like Cat and Cow. These two poses are great choices as you will be sitting for a long time. It is also important to bear in mind not to sit at the airport. While waiting, you can walk around or stand to maximise the time on your feet. If you do take a seat, you should adopt a correct position by keeping both feet on the floor and backing away from the chair. If you use this advice, you have great chances to enjoy a really nice and painless trip.


  • Once Seated: Before finding your seat, you must keep in mind to always sit tall. This means that you must keep the feet on the floor, back away from the chair, lower the rib cage, and take deep diaphragmatic breathing. It is very important to allow your shoulders to relax as this strategy can help you to avoid back pains. During the trip, you can also make certain moves, such as neck stretches and tilts, breathing exercises, forward fold, and seated twists. All these can help you to relax, while avoiding numbness in the legs and arms, back pains, and even headaches.
  • When Standing: In case that you have any chances to stand for a while during travel, you should walk around and perform a few exercises like side stretches, flowing chair, and mountain breathing.
  • Upon Arrival: As soon as you arrive at the airport, it is very important to get your luggage and head on to your final destination right away. Regardless of whether your final destination represents your own home or a hotel room, you should try to find a cozy spot that allows you to rest your legs up, against the wall. Try to stay like this for minimum 5 minutes. As well, you can practice some relation techniques and redo the Cat and Cow poses. You may also use any of the meditation poses, which can help you to relax after a long and tiring trip.

All these techniques allow you to cope with any tiring flights that seem endless. In case that your flight includes a stopover, you can use this break in order to relax and “recharge your batteries” with the help of different activities, such as shopping or talking to other people.

Combining Yoga with Travel

Although many people believe that Yoga and travel cannot be combined, the individuals who practice this art are ready to prove that Yoga and travel do mix. For instance, if you feel very tense while flying, you can go to the plane’s bathroom and perform different relaxation practices in there. Although this is not the best place to relax, it can help you to reach your goal. Additionally, specific exercises that relate to Yoga can help you to stretch your legs, arms, and back from time to time. These exercises permit you to eliminate tension and avoid headaches, back, arm, and leg pain. In conclusion, if you are searching for the best possible way to relax before, during, and after traveling, you should definitely apply the aforementioned Yoga poses and tips. 

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