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Cruising Down the Beautiful Danube River

The beauty of the Danube River has been sung throughout the centuries. The blue Danube is the second longest river in Europe and many capital cities lay along its shores.  Originating in the Black Forest, this river crawls by many countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine. After the mighty river has covered some 1500 miles, it flows to an end at the Black Sea. Since the Danube rises in the Black Forest, on the one end and the other flows into the Black Sea, people have affectionately nicknamed it the Black River. Along the banks of the Danube you will discover many natural wonders and cultural treasures. The vast Danube Delta is worth a visit, and a leisurely cruise with many shore excursions along the way is unbeatable. Cruises that sail on a river are more peaceful than those in the open ocean, so the boat trip on the Danube is probably something for connoisseurs.  See European history and experience the culture of many different countries.

You have the choice of several routes, lasting just a few days, a week or even 16 days. Each stage of your journey boasts delightful prospects and entertaining adventures.  World famous cities line your route and you will get to stop and enjoy them along the way. Visit the cozy residential city of Regensburg with its completely preserved city center.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Melk Abbey , is a magnificent and imposing Benedictine monastery in Lower Austria. The Danube city of Vienna and its many attractions, such as the Prater, St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Vienna Zoo.  Bratislava is the pearl of Slovakia with its stunning Old Town, the National Theatre, and the Bratislava Castle, which sits as a symbol of the city for centuries.

Next in line is Budapest, the picturesque capital of Hungary. Over the years this city has lost none of its former glory.  On to Gellért Hill to see the Statue of Liberty as well as the Citadel and the Castle Hill is home to the City Museum, the National Gallery, and the Gothic Church of Our Lady.  Time to set anchor again; this time at the capital of Serbia-Montenegro which affords you a rewarded visit with wonderful lasting impressions.  Visit one of the many pubs, cafes, and restaurants; or take a trip to the nearby city center.

Finally the Danube River follows the Southern Carpathian Mountains down to the southern border of Romania and on to the mouth of the Black Sea. In the Danube Delta you will experience unspoiled natural beauty along with the many islands, lakes, forests and rich biodiversity that lay along this majestic river. Discover with a Danube cruise these and other Eastern European beauties.

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The Danube River is home to many capita cities and you can visit many on them in one great Danube River Tour. River Cruises offers exotic cruises all over the world.

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