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Insurance Options for Overseas Travelers

Individuals that travel overseas will need special insurance coverage depending on their needs. You are able to select between various insurance options based on the coverage that is required.

International Life Insurance

Citizens of the UK can obtain an international life insurance for expatriates. This insurance is provided by financial firms, such as Friends Provident International. The most common policy available for UK residents is term life insurance. Policies can be purchased that are convertible or non-convertible cover for your specific needs, This cover is available for anyone up to age 80. Coverage can be purchased for $100,000 up to $1 million in US dollars or 5 million Pounds sterling.

International Health Insurance

Many types of health insurance plans are available for international residents. If UK residents reside in the United States, then a William Russel Global Health Plan is available. These plans come with family cover with various discounts that make premiums affordable. You have the option to pay higher excess to further lower your premium. All claim settlements are prompt and responsive with payments sent to your bank account or to the hospital. A 24-hour medical assistance help line is provided and applicants over the age of 54 will not need to answer any medical questions. Plans will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance

Search out a broker that can find these plan on the marketplace. One plan that you can obtain is you are in need of disability insurance is the Global Life and Disability Plan. This plan is designed to provide a policy holder with income replacement protection. This insurance is able to provide you peace of mind if you become disabled and are no longer able to work. A policy will cover up to 75 percent of incomes up to age 65 or normal retirement date to a maximum of $144,000 per year. The plan has a three month to six month waiting period. You will receive a 2 percent increase in benefits on your claim anniversary date to offset inflation. Proof will be needed if you are unable to work after two years.

Travel Insurance

These policies are available from a variety of companies for anyone who needs insurance coverage for an overseas trip. There are a variety of coverage choices that are available for you to choose depending on your needs. Policies can often be purchased online by using a credit card. One type of policy that is available is called Single Trip Medial and Emergency Travel Insurance. This coverage can last for five days up to 24 months and provide you with $2 million is medical coverage. You can select a deductible option that you prefer and even add various riders to the policy. Benefits that are provided will include emergency evacuation, trip interruption, lost baggage, and accidental death.

Additional Information

Search online or contact an international insurance company to determine the policy that you need when traveling overseas. This can be a temporary trip for work or a planned overseas vacation.

Leanne is a Travel Agent from Melbourne, Australia. She recommends her clients take out travel and TPD insurance for their overseas vacations as a precaution and for peace of mind. Away from work, Leanne likes to spend time with her family and travel.

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