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Traveling Through Spain - Five of the Most Popular Train Routes

The Spanish rail network is pretty extensive and with a simple map anyone can decide on a plan of action.  There are a variety of tickets that can be bought and huge discounts are available for anyone choosing to make multiple journeys either purely in Spain or in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.  If you are planning to head to Spain and aren’t sure where to start check out the following train routes and see if any of these take your fancy.

Madrid to Seville

Spain’s AVE high speed trains enable passengers to take a fabulous day trip from Madrid that would otherwise not be possible.  You can purchase tickets for a three-hour guided tour of Seville and some free time in the town after the tour, and be back on your way by the evening.  The trains are equipped with the best amenities including big reclining seats for a comfortable journey.  Other two- and three-day guided trips are available that stop in Cordoba and Caceres, but these trips typically start with a tour bus and you return via train.

Madrid to Barcelona

When traveling between these two major Spanish cities, travel by train is an experience that should not be missed.  This train ride will take about two hours and 30 minutes and rides you through some of the most fabulous countryside in Spain.  It also allows you to avoid the hassles of the airport when traveling between these popular cities.  This route is a favourite of tourists and Spaniards alike because of its convenience and relatively low cost.  The luxurious AVE trains make this the premier way to travel between Madrid and Barcelona, a trip that traditionally would require the time and expense of a plane.  There is no reason NOT to take this trip by train.

Transcantabrico Train

The Transcantabrico train is Spain’s most famous passenger train.  It is a luxury train that was launched in 1983 and created to mimic the Orient Express.  This train runs two separate routes that are equally spectacular.  The León-Santiago de Compostela route makes stops in a number of Spanish towns and cities before arriving in Leon whilst the San Sebastián-Santiago de Compostela rote makes stops in a similar selection of destinations before arriving in San Sebastian.  Each route travels in both directions, and your ticket includes accommodations for 7 nights, full board, and guided excursions.

La Robla Train

This train will take you on a journey from Bilbao to Leon and then back to Bilbao. It is a four day trip that takes you through some of the most interesting areas of northern Spain.  The trip from Bilbao to Leon includes stops in Bilbao, Sotoscueva, Vado-Cervera, Cistierna, Boñar, and Leon.  The return trip will take you through Matallana, Mataporquera, Espinosa, Espinosa, Balmaseda, and back to Bilbao.  The train is fully equipped with bar service, internet access, and large windows in the common areas. In the cabins you will find bunk-beds and a bathroom that includes a hydro-massage shower.  One of the great things about this trip is that even though passengers sleep on the train, the train stays at the station overnight.  This gives passengers a chance to explore the city nightlife on their own, and also guarantees no one will miss any of the sights while sleeping.

The Al Andalus Train

Known as the Palace on Wheels of Spain, the Al Andalus allows you to travel southern Spain on a luxury train.  You begin your six-day journey in Seville and are served lunch on your way to Cordoba. There is a guided tour of the city, and the train stays at the station overnight.  Day two takes you to Baeza, Úbeda, and Granada and day three includes an all-day guided tour of Granada, ending with a fabulous Flamenco show.  During the second half of your trip, you will make stops in Ronda, Cadiz, Jerez, and Sanlucar before returning to Seville.  Accommodations include 32 suites, each with separate air conditioning, private bathroom, in-suite safe, and the best 24 hour service you will experience in all of Spain.

If you are planning a stay in one of the La Manga rentals, why not arrive in the region in style – travelling by train is an experience that most tourists don’t get to experience and you are sure to enjoy your time.

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