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Things to Do at the Airport When You're Bored

If you're a frequent flyer, you're bound to experience flight delays at some point or another on one of your many journeys. While airports do try very hard to board their flights on time, extenuating circumstances can lead to back to back delays for a traveler who is connecting in more than one city. Sitting at the gate waiting for your plane to arrive is far from exciting. Frequent flyers should always keep themselves busy do the boring atmosphere in the airport does not put a damper of their vacation. If you are looking for things to do to make the time pass by quicker, here are some tips on how to keep yourself entertained.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Some of the largest international airports have 24 hour gyms located onsite. If the airport does not have a gym, you can get your blood flowing by power walking between all of the gates. You might think that it sounds like a funny thing to do, but when you consider that most people are in a rush when they're at the airport you'll fit right in. Sitting in one place at the gate and on the plane can cause your blood to settle. This is not healthy for you and will make you even more miserable during your delay. Not only can you kill some time, you can also schedule in that workout you did not have time to fit in before your trip.

Take Advantage of Free WiFi

Most airports offer free WiFi to travelers. If you have a tablet or a laptop, take advantage of the free WiFi. It is hard to get bored on the Internet. With so many different free online games, social networking sites, movies, and free TV shows, you can kills hours of time. Make sure you bring your charger and use one of the charging stations on the airport so you do not drain all of your battery while you are keeping yourself entertained.

You Do Not Have to Stay At the Airport

If you are in a new area and you know you're not leaving for hours, why not leave the airport and experience the city. If you are nervous about making it back in time, treat yourself to a limousine ride and your driver can point out all of the attractions and the best eateries around. When you take a limo around the city center, you never have to worry about tracking the streets or getting lost. You can simply enjoy the scenery and the stories behind the city and make it back in time to board your plane.

Find an Excuse to Go Shopping

Most airports have shops with a wide variety of different merchandise. If you want to buy your family souvenirs or you forget to pack something you are going to need, why not pick it up at the airport and browse around. You can even stop by the food court and grab a bite to eat so you are not living off of peanuts for your entire last leg of the trip.

Some people prefer to read and others prefer to stay active when they are stuck at the airport. If you plan ahead, you can watch movies, go shopping, play games, and exercise while you are waiting.

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