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2 Easy Tips To Save You Money On Checked Baggage Fees

One of the most important things to consider when traveling is how much it will cost to get to your destination.  It is quite easy to figure out the price of a roundtrip air ticket to and from your destination, but the hidden fees are often overlooked.  This can be a problem if you’re traveling on a tight budget, and baggage fees are really easy to overlook.

Airline baggage fees have become commonplace today, as opposed to 5 years ago.  Following my own divorce at that time, my air travel increased exponentially.  At first, not all airlines charged for checked bags.  After a year or two, nearly all airlines were charging checked baggage fees as the economy affected airlines across the board.

Infrequent travelers are often caught by surprise by these fees (and they seem to be constantly increasing), so here are a few points to remember for your next business or pleasure flight.

However, if you keep in mind the proper information about baggage fees then you can usually avoid any surprise expenses at the airport.   Some examples of Delta baggage fees are:

•Carry-On items are free to take on the plane.  However, you are limited to one personal item and one carry-on bag.  The bag and the item must both either fit under your seat or easily fit into the overhead compartment.  Typical personal items include a purse, a diaper bag, or a laptop/bag.  Although carry-on sizes do vary by an inch or two from airline to airline, the median size is 22” x 14” x 9”.  If you stay within these guidelines and travel light, you will be amazed at how much you can save.  If it doesn’t fit in your carry-on suitcase, is it worth an additional $50 (at least) round trip?  Keep in mind that items like strollers, child restraint seats, or crutches to not count as personal items.  In many cases, the airlines will allow you to check these items planeside and it won’t cost you any extra.

•Checked baggage prices vary according to what the destination is.  It also depends on the size and weight of the baggage being checked in.  Prices can range from free to around one hundred dollars.  On the average, if you have one checked bag you can expect to pay $50 round trip for that bag.  The price usually goes up with additional bags, although the limit is usually two checked bags.  Active duty U.S. Military members are able to check at least one bag free of charge, sometimes up to four.

There are websites online where you can find out free what your checked baggage fees will be for your next flight, like  If you’re traveling with a bike, golf bags, ski or snowboard equipment, sites like these are at your fingertips to find out what the cost will be.  Depending on the item, it could be the same as normal luggage.

First and foremost, travel as light as you can!  When you’re packing, get out your carry-on luggage that will meet the size guidelines and pack your most necessary items.  When packing your clothes, consider doing a load or two of laundry during your trip.  This will save some suitcase space...and a few bucks to wash clothes sure beats $50 or more for a checked bag.  Use this rule of thumb to avoid those airline bag fees...

Do I really need it, and is it really worth an extra $50 to travel with it?

NOTES:  I travel a lot and write articles on checked bag fees for and the above is a link to the website where you can find a chart showing checked baggage fees for all airlines.

Mark Boyd writes about a wide range of topics including music, marketing, background checks,business and travel, including writing for  He is a father of 3 and enjoys time with his children, being a geek, making music, traveling and hiking.

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