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Gone fishin’: 5 essentials for a family fishing trip

A Weekend fishing trip is a great way to spend some quality time with the family. It gets you away from all the distractions of the modern world, and gives the family a chance to connect in the magnificence of good old mother nature.

If you are taking the family out on a good old fashioned fishing trip there are some essential pieces of kit that you need. They include the following:

1-Sun screen

If it is summer or you are in a hot country where the sun is likely to be shining you should definitely pack some sun tan lotion for you and the family. Kids especially should be protected from the sun because they have very sensitive skin, and you could keep yourself protected too as too much exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer.


For the same reason as sun screen you should pack hats for you, your partner and the kids. If you are going to be sat out in a boat or by a river bank for hours you need to cover yourself up.

3-Food and drink

A day out fishing can be lengthy and if you are having fun and relaxing with your family you won’t want to have to pack up all your tackle to go and buy some lunch. For this reason you should take along a big hamper of food and drinks to keep you fuelled for your fishing.

4-Comfortable chairs

Bringing chairs is a great idea because otherwise you will be sat on the floor and that could be wet, hard or generally uncomfortable. You can pick up some camping style chairs pretty cheaply nowadays so get a few for the family, sit back and relax.

5-The right tackle

Last but of course not least is fishing tackle. This is essential because you wouldn’t be able to catch any fish otherwise. Well you could try, but you would definitely find it challenging. There are various types of tackle for different kinds of fishing so plan carefully and pick up the pieces that you need for your type of fishing. You can also buy small rods and nets for children so that they can get involved in the fun too. You can find a selection at the Fishing Hut today.