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How Much Should I Tip for a Fishing Charter?

Choosing between the many activities that can be experienced on vacation can be tricky. There are only so many free days and time that must be divided seeing the local tourist attractions, dining out and spending time with the family. Destinations that are close to the water have even more opportunities available for visitors that want to take part in a fishing charter, seeing fish and wildlife and having the opportunity to fish that can't be seen in the local area.

Making the decision to take out a fishing charter comes with many details that should be considered. You should consider the type of fishing charter, the fees charged from the fishing charter company, the length of the expedition and whether the crew is experienced enough that there will surely be fish caught on the expedition.

One of the things visitors consider when the fishing charters are being chosen are whether to tip the tour operators that are leading the fishing charter. Fishing charter tipping depends on a variety of conditions like:

The Experience Created on the Fishing Charter

Tour operators, the location and the boat and equipment all add to the experience that is created when you decide to go on a fishing charter. The experience created on the fishing charter can be special, warranting a larger tip for the operators, or the experience can be lacking, decreasing the amount of the tip that is given to the boat operators.

Is the Tip Included in the Price?

Look through the guide that is given at the beginning of the trip, when the fishing charter is being booked. Is there a tip included in the breakdown of the rates? In the case that there is a tip included in the rates than you don't have to worry about including one at the end of the trip -- unless the experience was above and beyond what was expected. Fishing charters that are booked through vacation resorts are often known to include the tip in the overall price, increasing the costs.

Using these factors, you can determine whether you should tip at the end of the fishing charter -- but when it comes down to it, how much should you tip?

The average amount of the tip that is given to the leader of the fishing charter is between ten and twenty percent of the entire value of the trip. Fishing charters that are larger or include more staff, or private fishing charters that have catered to an exclusive group will often receive closer to twenty percent of the value of the fishing expedition, where public fishing charters and tours, or those that are completed with smaller boats in the local areas will warrant less, closer to ten percent of the price of the fishing charter.

Stan Euseph is a freelance writer and avid fisher. He has been on several Miami fishing charters and hopes his own experience can be of use to others. He often writes about fishing tips and vacation getaways.