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Top 5 Rustic and Outdoorsy Vacation Destinations

If you are planning to get away this summer, you might want to choose a more bucolic option. There are a number of destinations for people who love the outdoors, or for people that are trying to love the outdoors. There is nothing like spending a few days in nature – with leaves crackling beneath your feet, birds chirping, trees cracking and perhaps even the sound of a babbling brook. Whether you enjoy hiking, hunting, camping or just site seeing, there are a plethora of destinations that might even be a quick car ride away from you. Here are the top 5 rustic and outdoorsy vacation destinations.

  1. Alaskan glaciers. Ever want to be feet away from a glacier that’s taller than most skyscrapers? Now you can if you visit Alaska. The winter is obviously the best time to visit the glaciers, but doing so offers a unique opportunity to see one of natures most splendorous creations made completely out of ice. It is important to note that it gets cold in many of these places – so cold that you need to wear special protective gear so that you don’t get frostbite.
  2. Appalachian trails. Hiking along the Appalachian trails offers a unique opportunity to see an American landscape that has been virtually untouched by modern civilization. Not only that, but Appalachia is full of rural people with a rich culture. If you want to go the full 2300 miles, you will get to traverse upwards of 15 different states. However, if you are footing it, you might want to stick with only traversing a fraction of that length. No matter what, though, this is also a great opportunity to explore totally virgin wilderness.
  3. Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is one of the most majestic natural conservatories in the world. Full of excellent camping sites, hiking trails, amazing waterfalls and lots of fun things to explore, Yosemite is a national park worth paying a visit to at least once in your life. You can also explore and climb El Cap, which is a 3,000-foot vertical rock – perfect for those extreme rock climbers.
  4. Hunting in Alabama. Alabama has millions of acres of pristine land that offers some of the most exiting opportunities to hunt prized game. You’ve got deer, quail, hogs, and turkey. One of the best things to do is eat your catch later that night at one of the many amazing Alabama hunting lodges that you can spend your stay in.
  5. Hiking the volcanoes in Hawaii. Hawaii is home to some of the most amazing and active volcanoes in the world. While they aren’t currently spewing out lava, you can still hike around their base. Many of these volcanoes require a quick helicopter ride, but if you are looking for some thrills, this is definitely it. Just bring some sturdy shoes and a strong sense of adventure because when you visit some of these roaring volcanoes, you are definitely going to need serious foot protection. While these volcanoes are not harmful or dangerous, you still need to take a few precautions, but once you see the beauty of these naturals wonders, it will all be totally worth it.

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