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An Experience of a Life Time Awaits You in the Rockies

When it comes to finding the best location for you next heli skiing vacation, look no further than BC. As the birthplace of the sport, there’s no better place for it. Nestled in the Kootenay Rockies in the southeastern part of the province, the boutique heli skiing offered here provides unparalleled vertical, powder, and luxury.

As you discover the joys of heliskiing, you’ll realize that it relies heavily on the quality of snow. If your location can’t guarantee untouched, perfect powder then you might as well spend your time at the typical resort, where slushy, icy snow abounds. Way up high in the peaks of the Kootenay Rockies, you’ll have no worries about the powder. Due to the unique conditions of the Canadian Rockies, fluffy white snow falls all year round. The conditions are perfect for thrill-seeking skiers, especially when you don’t have to share the corn powder with anyone but your group of fellow heli skiers.

As you say goodbye to overrun synthetic snow, you can finally focus your attention on getting as much vertical as possible. Unlimited vertical isn’t an urban legend. The best BC heli skiing outfits will promise and deliver on vertical metres. The average visitor to the Canadian Rockies can clock as many as 43,000 of them during the typical trip; however, depending on your skills and length of stay, you can really let loose and gain as many metres as possible. Just make sure you’ve booked with a company that doesn’t have limits, as they’ll charge for each additional 1,000 metres you go over.

Nothing can compare to the exhilaration of conquering the rugged terrain of the Kootenay Rockies, cutting through corn powder and gobbling up vertical. The only way to comprehend it is to experience it for yourself. Start researching the top heli skiing BC has to offer, so you can plan an upcoming trip to the Rockies. Forget about getting your thrills at another resort filled with overrun slush and unexperienced skiers, and set your sights on a private tour of the mountains with your closest 3 friends.

Why 3 friends? The top BC heli skiing companies operate as boutique businesses, so they limit their runs to small, private groups. It’s all they can take up safely in their helicopters, and it guarantees an exclusive experience in the Rockies. You’ll understand why when you and your 3 friends race through the powder.

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