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How to Pack a Weekend Away into Carry-On Luggage

One of the biggest appeals of a quick weekend getaway is the low airline prices. These, however, come with a common catch. The catch being that you can’t take on any checked baggage. For most, this is enough to lose appeal. For those looking to take advantage of the ticket price, however, this post for you.

Watch Your Clothes

Whether you’re going to the beach, to the country, or even a weekend in the city, you aren’t going to need a new outfit for each day. Instead, pack the following:

  • One pair of jeans
  • Two t-shirts
  • One collared shirt
  • Four pairs of underwear
  • Four pairs of socks
  • One pair of shoes

While this may seem minimal, remember that you will also wear a complete outfit on the place. Which leads to the next tip.

Find Your Heaviest Items

If you are planning on hiking while you are away, wear your heavy hiking shoes on the plane with you. Similarly, if you have any jackets which take up space, either wear them on the place or take them on as your personal item. While it may make for a slightly uncomfortable few hours on the plane, it gets the clothes you need to your destination without fees.

Nothing Full Size

Whether you have one or ten beauty regime items, don’t bring the full-size bottle. Instead, look for travel alternatives. The Groupon Coupons page for Lancome USA has travel size alternatives for beauty products, while your local pharmacy can help you with sunscreen and personal travel items.

Leave Your Big Electronics at Home

Most travelers think that their laptop is so slim that they can take it anywhere. Until, of course, you include the power cable and everything else needed to connect it to your gadgets. Instead, leave the laptop at home and travel with a simple cellphone and charger. Not only does this keep the size of your bag down, but also its weight.

With these four tips in mind, you are poised to finally take advantage of those sale emails you have been ignoring all of this time. Now all you need to do is decide where you will be going next!

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