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5 Common Excuses For Not Going On Vacation And How To Conquer Them

One of the most intriguing and saddest parts about Americans is that we frequently refuse to use our vacation days. This even applies to those people who receive paid vacation days. That means you are literally paid for days to not work, yet you don’t take advantage of them. This common theme among our country is quite disheartening especially when you take into account that people facing death commonly regret spending too much time at work or not travelling enough.

It has been engrained in our culture that vacations aren’t necessary, should be short, and that it is okay to work during them. We also have created a culture full of excuses for not taking vacations. Here are five common excuses people use for not going on vacation.

“I don’t have the money”

This is the only excuse on this list that has some actual merit. If someone says they do not have the money to go on vacation, they are at least looking at it from a practical standpoint. Being financially responsible is not an easy task and preventing yourself from spending money on non-essentials is a great practice to keep.

However, you can still conquer this excuse with some planning. A vacation does not have to be a food tour of Europe or a luxury escape to Bali. Even with a small budget, you can have an extremely memorable vacation. Think about taking a weekend trip to a close by national park or visiting a few cities along either the east or west coast. Driving will always be a less expensive option to flying.

You should set aside a certain amount of money each month dedicated to your vacation. You may need to create a separate savings account for this so that you don’t use the money for something else. Alternatively, you can pull this money out as cash and keep it hidden around the house if you prefer the old school route. In either case, dedicating a required amount of money towards a vacation each month will allow you to reach your vacation goal quickly.

“Travelling is too dangerous”

Virtually everything you do in life involves some sort of risk. That is why this excuse is not a valid one. You come across a myriad of dangers simply driving to and from work, yet you still take that risk. Living life in fear is not living at all.

It is true that visiting some places is more dangerous than others. But that doesn’t mean that all travel is dangerous. To conquer this excuse, or fear even, you should start out with smaller trips. Travel to the biggest city nearest to you and explore. Taking these small steps will help to expand your comfort level to the point where you can start exploring other areas in the United States and even abroad.

“No one can take care of my pet”

Leaving your pet behind is never an easy thing to do. No one will take care of your pet quite like you do. However, this should not be your excuse to avoid vacations. There are any number of ways to have your pet looked after while you are away. If you do not have a family member or friend that can pet sit, you can hire professional pet sitters. The fees a generally pretty high and may not fit into your budget. If that is the case another great option is boarding your pet at a pet boarding facility. These facilities are actually very welcoming to pets with trained staff, veterinarians on call, play times, and sometimes even pools!

“I’ve got too much work to do”

Work is one of the most common areas for excuses. Many people feel that they have too much work to take time away from it. It is probably true that you are a busy individual when it comes to work. However, it is also possible for you to burnout from work leaving you apathetic or even bitter towards your career. Taking vacations is the perfect way to prevent burning out and giving yourself a breather. You will never complete you entire “to-do” list at work. The best way to overcome this is to simply hit the pause button and go on a vacation. The work will most definitely still be there when you get back.

The best way to conquer this is to book a vacation far enough in advance that it doesn’t seem to impact your schedule. So if you are typically booked with meetings up to three months in advance, book the vacation four or five months out. This way you won’t have conflicts going into the vacation planning.

“I’m too busy to take a vacation”

Another excuse people often use for passing on vacations it that they are too busy to take or plan one. Planning a trip is not that time consuming. You decide on a place, book the travel arrangements, and book lodging. After that you can rest easy until you begin to make your itinerary, which is the fun part.

There will never be the “perfect” time to take a vacation. You will always be busy throughout your life. Coming to that realization is half the battle. There is never a “perfect” time for everything really. The best time to take a vacation is now, while you still can. Before your kids get too old and move onto their own lives, before your health deteriorates, and before your parents pass away. You have one life to enjoy and there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come. Making your family, friends, and your own happiness a priority should be your priority. Vacations are the perfect way to create everlasting memories that you and your family will cherish.

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