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Relocating to Perth, WA

As home prices in Sydney and Melbourne continue to soar, more and more people are relocating to Perth, WA. Buying or renting here can be much more affordable than other parts of Australia where those earning a living wage have to scrimp and save just to get by each month.

Relocating to Perth or any other destination in WA shouldn’t be done simply to save money. The region’s unique characteristics have made it popular with residents who hail from Australia and around the world. Want to know more about what makes Perth so special? These six reasons highlight everything people love about the city.

1.) Beach living

There are countless picturesque beaches in Australia, but the ones in Western Australia are true gems. The sparkling blue waters and white sand offer the perfect place to spend the weekend. And unlike other destinations in Australia, which are crowded with hordes of tourists, Perth’s beaches are relatively quiet allowing for proper relaxation.

2.) The sun’s always shining

Those beaches will come in handy since Perth records an impressive amount of sunlight each year. It’s estimated that the city records a total of 265 days each year with some sunlight. This means there will be plenty of time to work on that tan or participate in outdoor activities.

3.) Fantastic food

Perth’s food scene may be a bit unknown to most people, but those living here understand just how great it is. Restaurants, bars and cafes can found everywhere with each one offering something different and tasty. And unlike the air of food pretentiousness found in some other Australian cities, Perth’s food scene is much more down to earth.

4.) Don’t forget the drinks

A meal isn’t complete without the perfect glass of wine. Western Australia is home to some of the world’s most renowned wineries with those produced in the Margaret River area having earned international accolades. It’s not just the big guys making wine. A number of smaller, boutique wineries have popped up offering one-of-a-kind vintages not found anywhere else.

5.) Big city feel, small town charm

One aspect of Perth that is easy to overlook is its small town appeal. Sure, it has all of the amenities one would expect to have in a big city including skyscrapers and infrastructure, but without the large crowds. Even as the city has grown over the years, it has still maintained a quaint appeal that people find charming.

6.) Activities abound

Whatever a person likes to do for fun, it’s possible to find it in Perth. Everything from hiking and mountain biking to snorkelling and off-roading in the desert is possible. Sports are also extremely popular in WA with Aussie rules, rugby league, rugby union and soccer being just some of the more popular ones.

Thinking about moving to Perth? Make sure to hire a professional home removalist like Adlam Transport. They have the trucks, moving equipment and supplies necessary to make the entire process easy. Everything will arrive safe and sound allowing new residents to check out everything the city has to offer.

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