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5 Tips for Selecting an Airport Transportation Service

Getting to and from the airport can be a real pain, especially when you travel to a city you’re unfamiliar with. Not only do you have your own airport to contend with, complete with the question of whether you should park your car at the airport and pay the daily fee or arrange for another form of transportation, but you also have to contend with the prospect of getting from point A to point B once you reach your destination. Luckily, there are several options available to you when it comes to choosing the airport transportation service that meets your needs. Here are a few to consider.

  1. Cabs and limos. The two most common forms of transportation to and from airports are probably cabs and limos, and believe it or not, the prices they charge may be comparable. The reason is because limousine companies generally charge a flat rate to transport travelers between the airport and certain central locations (like the downtown area). Otherwise they charge by the hour (rather than the distance plus idling time). So depending on how far you have to go from the, it might actually be cheaper to hire a limousine to take you.
  2. Airport shuttle. Another option you might select instead of cabs or limos is an airport shuttle, and most major airports host at least one of several such companies (like Roadrunner, Prime Time, or Super Shuttle, just for example). Like cabs and limos, the cost may depend upon your distance from the airport, but prices are incremental and because it’s a shared ride, it’s almost guaranteed to cost less than either cabs or limos. As a bonus, you can pay in advance, although it is polite to tip the driver when you reach your destination.
  3. Mass transit. Depending on the city you’re traveling to, you might want to consider mass transit as a viable alternative to hiring a private car or sharing a van. Cities like Portland and San Francisco, for example, are famed for the efficiency and options provided by their train and bus systems, which whisk locals and visitors alike to nearly any destination within the city (the airport included). Of course, you will have to find your own way around by this method. But with a little planning prior to your trip you should be able to find appropriate routes and schedules online, and possibly even purchase passes for the duration of your trip.
  4. Hotel shuttle. If you’re staying at an airport hotel, chances are good that you can hitch a ride to and from the airport, supposing your hotel offers a shuttle service. Best of all, this trip is generally included in the price of your stay and provided upon request. Still, it is customary to tip the driver, just like most hotel staff.
  5. Mobile apps. Just like taking a super jet is probably more convenient than flying a commercial airline, using a mobile app to get car service is likely preferable to waiting in a cab line after several hours of travel. So download an app like Uber or Gett so that you can pre-order your ride or find a driver with a few taps on your smartphone. With convenient features like flat fees, mobile payment options, and tracking functionality that lets you see how far away your ride is, you’ll never go back to other forms of airport transportation.

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