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How to Travel Across Europe on a Dime

Traveling across Europe is an exciting adventure that will allow you to soak in various cultures and take in the picturesque sites of multiple countries and terrains. While these areas are rich in culture, they don’t have to cost you a fortune to experience! Here are some tips to help you travel across Europe on a dime so you can save money for an amazing opportunity that won’t break the bank!

First, be sure to travel by train when visiting Europe. Trains are not only eco-friendly, but they are also much cheaper than flying or taking the time to drive on your own in a rental car. Airfare prices can be exorbitant, and driving means you have to pay for both the car to rent and the gas to fuel it. In addition, driving requires you to risk having to deal with the stress of traffic, reading signs in different languages, or getting lost in unfamiliar areas. Since trains use fewer emissions per person on board and require less fuel, the prices stay low. Also, prices are often standard and do not fluctuate constantly based on the season like airlines or on a whim like unreliable gasoline prices.

Consider alternative accommodation options. While most travelers choose traditional hotels, there are many other choices out there that are comfortable and much more affordable. Hostels are not at all like the bad rep they usually get. Most hostels are extremely safe, clean and secure so you won’t have to worry about loud music, strange people or dirty conditions. Another option is to find a home stay or home swap option that will allow you to stay with a family or in a family’s home for a short period of time through an exchange system or for a small fee.

Save money on food by staying away from touristy centers. Instead, eat like the locals! Find smaller, less expensive restaurants and food joints off the beaten track. You can also check out farmer’s markets for great deals and quality, regional foods. Not only will these be cheaper, but they will also give you a true feel for the culture of the region. These locations are also less crowded and will provide you with opportunities to talk to the locals!

Finally, be deliberate about your travel and plan ahead strategically. Try to travel outside of traditional tourist areas. Visit lesser-known cities that will still provide you with amazing experiences that few others likely get to enjoy! Also, plan to travel during off-peak seasons to avoid the crowds and the high prices. When you travel off-peak you will likely find better deals and discounts on all sorts of things from accommodations to activities and even food!

All of these European travel tips will help you to save money on your travels while still having a fantastic experience. Whether you choose to cut back on travel costs by taking trains to Doncaster, by exploring smaller cities, or by staying at a hostel, these savings will not take away from your travel experience or from your wallet!

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