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A Guide To The French Alps: Top Five Destinations

Ever since Parisian actress and style icon Brigitte Bardot was photographed on the mountain slopes back in the 1960s, the French Alps have been the skiing destination of choice for the rich and famous.

That privilege is not just for the glitterati, though. Now you too can soak up the wonders of the Alps, enjoying the crunch of fresh snow and the brilliant winter sun amid real silence. An all-inclusive skiing holiday in France is without a doubt the best way to enjoy the serenity.

However, the French Alps are home to hundreds of different slopes and resorts, and choosing just one can be difficult. Here is your guide to the top five alpine getaways:

Aiguille de Midi, Chamonix

Travelling 9,000 vertical metres in just under 20 minutes, a ride in the Aiguille de Midi cable car is not for the faint hearted, but the views at the summit are ample reward.

Elevated nearly two miles above the idyllic commune of Chamonix, you are able to take in the majesty of the Alps at your leisure, with Europe's most imposing mountains all around you.

Chamonix, Mont Blanc

Nestled in the fertile Rhone-Alps valley of South-Eastern France, the remote resort of Chamonix is bordered by some of the Alps’ most stunning peaks, including the dominant Mont Blanc.

Comprised of a number of tiny settlements, Chamonix is the destination of choice for winter sports enthusiasts wishing to see the French Alps at their most impressive. An all-inclusive stay in the cobbled streets of a true Alpine village provides the best combination of outdoors adventure and indoors luxury.

Musee Gallo-Romain, Chanaz

Chanaz's Musee Gallo-Romain provides a wonderful insight into the history of the French Alps. We all need a little 'brain food' from time to time and a trip to this hidden gem is all the sustenance you need. Traversing the cobbled streets of the gothic village of Chanaz is the perfect way to while away an afternoon.

Ecrins National Park

Close to the Italian border, Ecrins National Park is an absolute must-visit for any Alpine holidaymaker. Providing vast natural expanses for hikers and mountain bikers, the scenery must be seen to be believed, with lush meadows, stunning lakes and beautiful Alpine forests nestled amidst spectacular glaciers and gigantic mountains. A day spent wandering around the park, lapping up the invigorating mountain air, is to be at one with nature once again.


For snowboarders and those seeking a little more adventure, look no further than the resort of Avoriaz. A short drive from Chamonix, Avoriaz's snow-covered slopes are some of the most popular for enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders.

An all-inclusive stay in your own wood-panelled room is a terrific way to unwind after a day spent hurtling down the piste, contemplating what tomorrow's adventures will bring.

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