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Holidays with a Difference

Sometimes, the usual beach holiday can become mundane and we look to alternatives to entertain us whilst we enjoy a much-needed break from everyday life. For those that are lucky enough, a yearly holiday is a common occurrence and this creates an even bigger need to find a break with a difference. Different countries are able to offer unusual activities, sights to see and experiences to enjoy, regardless of the type of holiday you prefer there are so many things to experience and an entire world to visit.

Classic Cruise

The cruise is another holiday option that differs from a basic beach break. It has had a transformation and is no longer aimed at the rich or the older generation, it is now an amazing way opportunity to see so many countries, places, regions and environments in a short space of time. A cruise around Cape Horn for example, will allow a holidaymaker to see the beauty of the area, to see nature in its rarest form and to experience an area that differs so greatly from the environment we know and live in everyday.

Travel Solo

It takes someone quite brave and very confident to travel alone, but often it is the best way to see the things that you’ve always wanted to see and experience things that you have dreamt of doing for a lifetime. Travelling allows people to take part in different cultures and visit different civilisations. The world is a place that needs to be visited and seen, and there are certain areas that have a larger appeal due to their beauty and individuality.


An exotic holiday in a unique location is always the ideal when it comes to the perfect holiday, but often this is not possible considering the expense of modern living. To have a truly amazing break there is no need to spend a lot of money - you can have just a good a time locally as you can abroad. Often people are unaware of the history and cultures that are on their very doorstep and a holiday in the same country can be just as enlightening.


There is no better opportunity to reaffirm romance than by going on a romantic break to an intimate destination. Romance is the heart of some locations, such as Rome, Venice and Paris and there is nothing better then to share the beauty of a country and the sights it has to offer, than with the person you love. Not only does this holiday bring two people closer together, but it also allows for the creation of memories and shared experiences that can never be undone.


For the more active person, there is no greater holiday than one that is brimming with adventure, exploration and non-stop activity. Resorts and locations will offer the opportunity to hike, trek, bike, and swim and take part in an escapade unlike any other. Adventurous holidays offer the ideal culmination of things, the chance to see and explore a new area whist being constantly entertained and thrilled by new and exciting activities.

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