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5 Fun Things to Do When You Visit Greenland

There isn’t much doubt that Greenland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. However, it should be noted that the etymology of the name itself comes from the nation’s very first settler, named Erik the Red, who was exiled there from Iceland. He named the world’s largest island Greenland in the hopes that people would visit, but those who rowed up to its icy shores quickly realized that the continent wasn’t very green at all. Yes, Greenland is actually very cold and often snow covered, mostly because of its proximity to the North Pole. Nevertheless, provided you have a warm jacket, Greenland should be on your list of top 5 places to visit in your lifetime. Here are 5 things to do when you visit Greenland.

  1. One of the most magical things to witness in Greenland is the Northern Lights, which is considered one of the most majestic and awe inspiring light shows on Earth. Your Fourth of July fireworks can’t compare to this completely natural atmospheric phenomenon. Between the months of November and March, especially in the January in February when the nights are clearer, the Aurora Borealis blasts across the arctic sky in bright green, blue, purple and pink hues as a result of the high atmosphere, other energized particles and the Earth’s magnetic field. It is truly a sight to behold.
  2. You could also visit the Sermermiut settlement, which is the oldest Eskimo village. The indigenous people of Iceland lived there over 2000 years ago, but you can still see remnants of their village and daily life. It is located near the village of Iceford, which is a wonderful and beautiful 1 hour-long hike from town of Ilulissat.
  3. There are also plenty of incredibly soothing and relaxing, not to mention completely natural, hot springs. The hot springs are a natural occurrence where small bodies of water are naturally heated by the earth’s core. These natural hot tubs pop up all over the country and some of them reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Also, there are many Greenland tours, which you can take to go whale watching and witness the melting of the fjords. In April and May many of the fjorf or icebergs melt into the sea, which alone are amazing to watch, but it also allows you to freely navigate by boat to see all the wild species of whales that migrate through the Greenland waters. The best time to visit is between late April and June to really see the whales up close and personal.
  5. Lastly, you can also take a tour to see Erik the Red’s first Viking settlements. Scattered around the country, but mostly in the South, you will get a chance to see the ruins of many of these early Nordic settlements, which will give you a great view of what life was like for these early settlers. And who knows, you might find a note or two cursing Erik the Red for telling everyone it was so green, but then thanking him, because Greenland really is quite beautiful and serene.

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