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5 Romantic and Relaxing Activities for Your Next Vacation

Life can be pretty hectic. So, whenever you’re able to carve out a few days to get a bit of vacation time in, it’s definitely something to get excited about. And, it’s even more special when you can do it with the one you love.

If you have a vacation coming up and you’re looking for some ideas on some romantic and relaxing activities that you and your significant other can do together, we have five of them for you. Ones that are intimate, fun and also not very expensive.

Give each other massages. It’s not uncommon for individuals to go on a trip and schedule a massage at a spa or resort. But, it can be so much more romantic (and memorable) to actually do the massages yourself. You can even make your own massage oil to take with you on the trip. All you need to do is mix half a cup of olive oil with half a cup of hazelnut oil, then add 10 drops of cinnamon and orange oil along with 20 drops of ylang ylang oil and put it all into a bottle. The scent is alluring and if you warm it up for a few seconds in the microwaves, it helps to soothe and relax your muscles instantly.

Rent your favorite movies. Almost every relationship consists of some “dinner and a movie” dates. Well, when it comes to you and your loved one, jot down a list of some of the ones you both enjoyed in the beginning stages of your union. You can use your Netflix, Amazon or Hulu Plus account on your laptop to download and watch them together while laying on your hotel bed.

Get in the Jacuzzi or bathtub. The hustle and bustle of life often has us looking at the shower in our homes as simply a place to get clean. But when you’re on vacation (especially if it’s at a hotel or bed and breakfast), use that space for more than bathing yourself. Run some warm water, squeeze in some bubble bath (you can even use the free shampoo that is oftentimes provided) and if you picked up some roses and bubbly on your way to the place, you have the perfect setting for a night of true intimacy.

Take some long walks. When’s the last time that the two of you took a long walk together? If you’re at a destination that has open roads or hiking trails, then put on your tennis shoes and set out to do a bit of wandering about. Just taking a long stroll, hand in hand, can do the mind, body and spirit a lot of good. Depending on where you are (or you end up), you might want to take a couple of picnic baskets along with you to enjoy a nice lunch or evening snack.

Play some board or card games. Be honest. When’s the last time that you and yours turned off anything with an “on” button and played some board or card games? It could prove to be a lot of fun to walk down memory’s lane with some of your favorites. Plus, if the prize for the winner is that there is a kiss or some other “love goodie” in store, that can make it all the more intriguing, romantic and yes (ultimately) relaxing.

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