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Ideal Holiday Options for Those With Mobility Problems

While the 2012 London Paralympics increased awareness and accessibility across the UK, leaving for a holiday can still be difficult for those with mobility problems. Other countries are less sensitive and have fewer accommodations and less accessibility for those with mobility difficulties. This means planning a trip can be challenging for everyone, from the elderly and those with physical disabilities, to stroller-pushing parents and toddlers. Here are some ideal holiday options for those who see mobility as a challenge:


There are plenty of options online and companies that specialise in travel for those with mobility problems. Simply Googling which companies offer assistance for those with physical disabilities will return hundreds of results. Having a reliable company arrange a holiday for you can ensure that you’ll have a seamless trip there and back, without having to worry about the details.

If you decide to plan your trip yourself, remember to research accessibility for every leg of the trip, including whether or not public transportation is feasible, how much accommodation the hotel has for guests with mobility problems and what sightseeing destinations can be visited. Researching thoroughly and being prepared is an important part of making sure your holiday is accessible as possible.

Book a cruise

The cruise industry was one of the first factions of the travel industry to cater to the needs of disabled and mobility-challenged travellers. On board, cruises have lifts and room service, purpose-built cabins and fully accessible embarking and disembarking facilities for the ship. Not only are many cruise ships friendly to those with mobility difficulties, but many packages provide good value for money.

If you’re using a travel agency specialising in disability travel, remember that they will always prioritise the accessibility of the ship over the destination itself. While this can sometimes be frustrating, an inaccessible ship to an ideal location would make a holiday miserable.

Stay close to home

If you want to go on holiday but find that leaving UK territory isn’t feasible, remember that it isn’t necessary to travel for miles to have a holiday. There are several ferry services to France, Ireland and the smaller Channel Islands. A ferry allows you to bring your own car, easing mobility problems and keeping you in control of your holiday.

A perennial favourite of these islands is Jersey, known as the Island of Flowers. Jersey has beaches for sun-worshippers and for those craving something exotic, an air of French culture. To find out more about holidays to Jersey, visit Co-operative Travel.

Ultimately, you want to enjoy your holiday and being prepared with research and extensive planning is a failsafe way to make sure it goes smoothly, minimising any mobility problems you may have.

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