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Top 5 Items To Take On Your Next Trip

When you are packing, there are a few necessities you need to always remember. Leave one out and you may find your trip is not as enjoyable, stress free and relaxing as you hoped it would be. Of course you know to be sure to pack all you necessary toiletries and clothing, but there are some other things you should pack as well. Here are the top five things you need to take on your trip.

1. Mosquito spray, When you are vacationing, nothing can ruin your comfort quicker than nasty, bothersome bug bites. Pack a mosquito or bug repellent spray and enjoy an itch and irritation free vacation.

2. Comfortable, wrinkle free clothing. Pack clothes that are easy to wash and dry quickly. Materials like a lycra, spandex or polyester blends are light weight, easy to hand wash, dry quickly and resist wrinkling in the luggage and while you wear them. Be sure you pack comfortable shoes, too. You do not want to find yourself unable to enjoy the sights and miss out on seeing everything you want to see because you wore uncomfortable or impractical walking shoes.

3. Sunscreen. Just as bug bites or uncomfortable shoes can ruin your vacation, so can a nasty sunburn. Avoid the pain and discomfort of a sunburn by bringing and regularly applying your sunscreen. In addition to burns, too much sun exposure can cause heat stroke or sun poisoning so be careful in hot, tropical climates and always wear sunscreen and stay sun smart.

4. A camera. Be sure you have a camera along with you to document sights you visit and to capture memories you will cherish and treasure for a lifetime. Bring along a video cameras to make films and to capture the sights and scenes of your vacation destination to show friends and family what you saw and did while you were away.

5. A portable vaporizer. You never know what the smoking regulations may be while you are away from home and going without your smoke can really cause stress, anxiety and irritability. Solve the problem of long flights or being booked in a non smoking room with help from your portable vaporizer. Small, discreet and powered by butane, portable vaporizers emit no smoke or scent and can be used anywhere at anytime regardless of the smoking rules and regulations.

Pack these items for your next trip and you will have everything you need to relax, unwind and enjoy your vacation. When you learn how to pack smart, enjoying your time away from the responsibilities of every day life becomes easy and completely stress free. Check with your airline or travel company to make sure everything you pack is within size and weight regulations and you will have nothing to worry about as you board your flight, car, cruise or train. Once you arrive, unpack your toiletries, clothes and shoes, apply your bug spray and sunscreen, enjoy a smoke of your portable vaporizer, grab your camera and hit the streets and your vacation will be off to a great start.

About the author

Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has written almost exclusively for the web since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario.  Formerly a cigarette smoker, Sam has appreciated the importance of a portable vaporizer.

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