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Why You Need a VPN for International Traveling

For most travelers today, using the Internet during the trip has become an important part for the journey. We need to check out emails, use facebooks, reading online news and even check bank balance while traveling. For this reason, most traveler will bring a laptop when traveling and use WIFI from hotels, coffee shops or airports to connect to the Internet.

However, one should realize that there are online security risks when we use public WIFIs. That's because the same WIFI network is used by many people and hackers can spy on or intercept your Internet acctivities. They might be able to access your banking credentials, account passwords, and other valuable information.

To ensure your online security during your trip, you should be aware of this situation and be causious when using a public WIFI hotspod. Make sure this WIFI is provided by a host you can trust and try not to access sensitive information (such as bank or credit card account etc.) when your computer is connected to a public WIFI network.

What if you really need to use public WIFI to access sensitive information? One thing can help you is VPN (Virtual Private Network). When you use a VPN to connect to a network, your Internet activity will go throught a "private tunnel" that encrypts all your data that passes through the Internet. As a result, your online activities will be much more secure and much more unlikely to be spied on or hacked. 

In addition, a VPN can offer some other additional benifies. For example, some countries (such as China) blocks some well-known websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. With a VPN that works well in China, you can bypass this kind of blocking and be able to access those sites as usual.

To use a VPN, you need to first sign up for a VPN service before your trip. There're some free VPN providers and some good and inexpensive VPN services you can choose from. Make sure you choose a reliable VPN provider that offer fast VPN speed and good customer services. Some well-known VPN providers include: Express VPN, PureVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish VPN, HMA VPN, 12VPN etc. 

With a VPN acccount, you should first connect to VPN before accessing personal information online. VPN can increase your online security and give you a peace of mind when you are traveling.

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