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12 Signs That You Are Ready for Your Long-Distance Move 

Moving can be both an exciting or stressful time for anyone. People move or relocate to a new city for many reasons. Many times, you might just need a change in your life. Sometimes, you might feel compelled to take a new job or you may feel that a move is needed for you to develop as a person. Whatever the case, here are 12 signs that you are ready to make a long-distance move to a new city.

  • Your goals have changed. Most people move to a new city for new jobs or career opportunities or to further their education. But if your goals are no longer in line with what your current city has to offer, it may be time to follow your goals and move to a new city that is more in line with your new path.
  • You cannot afford to live in your current city. If the cost of living in your city is far more than you are currently making, this is a great reason to consider making a long-distance move. Our personal situations are constantly changing. Maybe you are considering purchasing a home or having a baby and can no longer afford to live in your current city. Financial matters are vital to our living and well-being and your finances may be telling you it is time to make the move.
  • Bad experiences or memories. Sometimes living in a particular city simply runs its course. If there are too many bad memories or experiences tied to a certain city, you may be ready for a fresh start somewhere else.
  • Bad Weather. Are you tired of being in the dreary snow or cold? If you are fed up with the weather in your city, it may be time to look for greener pastures perhaps on the other side of the country.
  • You miss your family. Longing to be near your family is a big sign that you are ready to move. Aging parents or even a growing family are excellent reasons to move closer to your family.
  • You are unhappy with your current city. Do you find yourself complaining about your commute, traffic, neighbors or most things tied to your city? This is a tell-tale sign that it is time to move.
  • Your dreams are elsewhere. Are you constantly thinking of your dreams in another city? It might be time to take leap of faith and pursue your passions and dreams.
  • You feel stuck. Do you feel stuck or that it is time to make a change? If you feel like making a move is the only way to achieve personal growth, it might be time to try out a new city.
  • No reason to stay. If your current city has no meaningful reason to stay, no job or career prospects, no meaningful relationships or reasons to stay, it may be time to move to a new city.
  • An inner calling. Do you feel compelled to move or belong in a different city? Sometimes, a move is necessary to feel complete in a new city or a city that is better equipped for your lifestyle or hobbies.
  • You’ve lived in the same city for a while and feel like you are missing out. If you have lived in the same city and feel a sense of complacency and like you are missing out, it might be time to make that long-distance move.
  • You just know it. Most of the time, your inner voice knows when it is time to move or to make important decisions. If you have been thinking about making a long-distance move for a while, sometimes that is the only sign that you need to let you know it is time.

Moving to a new city or making a long-distance move will certainly be life changing. Now that you know some of the big signs that you are ready for your long-distance move, focusing on moving and packing will help get you ready for the big move.

Bio: Scott writes for His goal is to educate people on the proper moving processes and how best to approach your next journey to a new home.

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