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10 Smart Packing Tips for Your Big Move to a New City

If you’re moving to the big city to launch your professional career, or simply for a fresh start, it’s important to just bring with you the bare necessities even if you have found for yourself a spacious home.

But even if you’re only bringing an edited collection of your belongings, it’s imperative to carefully plan every single step of the process. In doing so, you can lower the usual level of stress associated with relocation, and at the same time, make adjusting to your new abode a smoother arrangement.

One of the most important things to consider is how you’ll pack all the things that you’ll be bringing with you. Smart packing and storing can protect your belongings well while traveling and also have you settling into your new home much faster, says a good moving company in Dubai. For this, here are 10 of the best tips to follow for packing for your big move.

1.      Do include the items that can create the strong feeling of comfort and being “home.”

While it may be smarter to avoid being attached to things for sentimental reasons, bringing a few items that will allow you to recreate memorable experiences can help significantly in turning your new place into a true “home.” Make sure, however, that these are items you can display not only so you can easily use these things, but in order to create a gallery of happy memories as well.

2.      Create a packing/moving supply checklist.

A Dubai removal company rounds up the most important moving supplies to have in the list below:

  • Different sizes of boxes
  • Bubble wrap for delicate items
  • Packing tape and dispenser
  • Markers
  • Differently colored labels
  • Stretch plastic wraps or newspapers for individual items
  • Moving mattress bags and covers
  • Moving blankets
  • Hand truck
  • Rope

3.      Create a detailed checklist of where every item should go in the new house.

It’s better to group items according to where they’ll be placed because, for sure, you’ll have multiples of the same items. Say, there are two bathrooms in your new house; write down which specific items will go to the first bathroom, and those that belong to the second.

4.      Don’t worry about having a lot of boxes if they will make organization a breeze.

It’s so much more efficient to designate a box for every room in the new house. This will make unpacking so much easier.

5.      Place all tiny items in clear Ziploc bags.

This pertains to screws, keys, hooks, and others. You can locate them when you need them faster if they’re all placed in clear resealable bags.

6.      Efficient packing is all about protection.

Make sure that you provide enough cushion for all fragile items. Use bubble wrap or old towels to prevent the movement of travel and loading and unloading from damaging these items. Also, use the right size of moving box.

7.      Put books and other heavy items in rolling suitcases.

These are difficult to carry; you can avoid straining your back from moving books and small but heavy items into your new home if they are placed in a suitcase with wheels that you can just push and pull around.

8.      Learn the layout of your new home.

This will allow you to load and unload items strategically. This means you can make sure that boxes and suitcases that contain items for specific rooms are taken where they need to go, effectively taking them out of the way as you continue unloading more items.

9.      Use your mobile phone to remember important details about your packed belongings.

Aside from labeling boxes, you can better organize your packed items by using your mobile phone. Take images of what’s in the moving boxes, especially those little trinkets that you’re using as fillers. With the help of technology, you can make sure every item is accounted for.

10.  Create an unloading strategy.

Finally, this is a must if you’re moving alone and you didn’t hire professional movers to help. Reduce the risk of losing some of your belongings to thieves as you’re unloading boxes and bringing them into your house.

Starting a new life elsewhere can be intimidating and stressful, but if you pack your belongings right, you can quickly turn an unfamiliar place into a comfortable and organized home much faster.


Chris Humphrey

General Manager | Easytruck Moving & Storage

Chris Humphrey is a marketing professional and start up manager who began his career with Coca Cola Australia, before moving to Dubai in 2002. Chris launched the innovative outdoor media company Mediahub in 2003, which broke a world record for Emirates "tallest ad" in 2005 and won the highly prized Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment Award for Marketing in 2007.

Chris brought his management and marketing experience to Dubai's moving and storage industry when he and his wife Natalie launched Easytruck Moving & Storage in 2009. Chris's creative flair and passion for customer service appears throughout the business and saw it win the Stars of Business Award for it's category in 2014.

The company began as a professional moving company and branched into the storage business in 2011. In 2013 they combined their expertise in professional moving services & storage to create an entirely new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born! Easytruck now operates over 30,000 sq ft of air-conditioned facilities in three convenient locations in Dubai and is the only Mobile Storage operator in the UAE.

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