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How to Pack Light for a Long Spring Getaway

The festive season is already over, but that's no reason to let the winter blues creep in. After all, spring is just around the corner, and the prospect of the first long vacation of the year is sure to brighten any gloomy outlook. However, depending on your destination, spring can be a fickle beast and packing for a vacation that may throw you snowstorms one day and blazing sunshine the next is a challenge. Fear not though happy travelers, our top tips on how to pack light for a long getaway will have you full of the joys of spring and ready for whatever the weather has in store. Discover how to keep the size, shape, and weight of your luggage to a minimum and yet still enjoy all the comforts of home as you travel the world.


You're probably already aware that layering your clothes is key to keeping warm in winter, however, packing plenty of light and flexible layers is also the ideal way to prepare for the extremes of spring. It's a simple as this; when the temperature drops then pile on the extra layers, but when the sun comes out peel them off again. In fact, carefully folding and arranging light layers in your favorite duffel will save you loads of space when compared to a heavy jacket or coat. Additionally, plenty of light layers will ensure you always have something dry to wear if the weather turns really nastyówhich leads us conveniently to our next point.


Frankly, if you have not included some waterproof clothing in your spring luggage, then you must be a risk taker of the highest order. Whether its an easily folded jacket or a full set of heavy duty waterproofs will depend on your chosen destination, however, keeping dry when you are traveling from place to place, exploring the wilderness, or even just strolling through the city, should be a key consideration when you are packing.


For anyone who regularly packs light, choosing the right footwear is always the most difficult part. This is particularly true when packing for a long spring getaway since your chosen shoe will need to withstand a variety of conditions while still providing comfort. Our tip is to wear a pair of rugged walking shoes or sturdy sneakers as you travel but include something lighter in your luggage. Espadrilles or sandals are great for this purpose and, depending on your destination, can be worn inside or outside if your other shoes need to dry or air out.

Sun protection

Equally, being prepared for the blazing sunshine is important on a spring getaway, since thunderstorms can quite often give way to warm weather and potential skin damage; even if the sun doesn't feel particularly strong to you. Equally, your eyes will need some protection from the early season sun that usually sits quite low on the horizon. With this in mind, packing suitable sunscreen with a high enough factor for your skin and a pair UV sunglasses should be at the top of your list. Of course, to save a little space, you should wear your sunglasses as you travel and only buy mini bottles of sunscreen.

Wherever you are heading this spring, make sure you follow our top tips to ensure you are not caught out in inclement weather and you are prepared for everything the season has to throw at you. Whether you are planning an outdoor adventure or you are heading out on an extended city break, each of these tips will help you decide how to take only the essentials as you travel the world.


Parker is a seasoned traveler and editor, currently working for Kaehler Luggage in Chicago, who has always had a penchant for style. As a self-proclaimed luggage aficionado, he regularly provides fellow travelers with his hard won advice on what kind of bags or cases are suitable and how best to pack for any type of vacation. Always in search of a new adventure, Parker has plenty of great travel stories and is constantly looking to create more.

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