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RV Generator Safety & Maintenance

For any type of RV outing electricity will be needed for all the things you can think of and all the things you can’t think of. So you will really need the RV Generator and you will need to know how to take care of it. There is nothing that will ruin an RV outing quicker than a broken RV generator.

Types of RV Generators

The traditional type runs on regular gasoline which for many years was the best and most efficient means of producing electricity. They are still a good means of producing electricity by with one new drawback. The introduction of ethanol to gas damages everything it touches. If left in the tank for a short time it turns to water. Much more care and maintenance is needed for the gas RV generator. Starting the RV Generator on a regular basis will help keep it in good working order. Installing a fuel shut off valve to the RV generator so when you finish with it you can turn off the fuel and run the excess fuel out of the carburetor. Fuel stabilizers made for ethanol fuels when it is stored over time.

Diesel RV Generators

Diesel RV generators are very efficient longer lasting and easy to care for. Their drawback is the odor from it exhaust. It will smell up an RV park quickly and make for some unhappy neighbors.

Propane RV Generators

A propane RV generator maybe the most users friendly except for getting the propane tank refilled. With some pre-planning this is only a very minor problem.

The RV Generator Basics

New RVs with built in generators many times will get their fuel right from the RV fuel tank. If the RV fuel tank get as low as a ¼ tank the generator will automatically shut off. The saves you from running out of fuel for the RV.

The biggest problem with generators is their exhaust and exhaust leaks because of the carbon monoxide. Regular inspection and testing is needed constantly to insure that carbon monoxide poisoning does not happen. RVs need the carbon monoxide alarms that run on either RV power of batteries. To remember to change the batteries do it when we change to daylight savings time every year. Do not run the RV generator in an area where people are sleeping and not only because of the noise issue but because of the carbon monoxide poisoning.

The best times to use the RV generator is when you are on the road. The reason for this is because it is more economical running the air conditioner.

RV Generator Maintenance Intervals

The RV generator maintenance intervals guidelines will be provided by your owner’s manual. Most RV generators include an hour meter to closely monitor usage so you know when to service. This includes changing the oil and filter based on time in use and seasonal. It is very important same as your car. Also note the special requirements for long storage without use. The owner’s manual will provide information on extended storage also.

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